Top Ten Embarrassing Moments While Playing Kahoot

I play kahoot live-streams cause we don’t play it at school anymore. Lol.

The Top Ten Embarrassing Moments While Playing Kahoot

1 Someone pretends to be you and loses

Once upon a time, in class when I played Kahoot, someone pretended to be me, and we both had the same username. I won, but the other guy shouted "I WON" too - darthvadern

2 Everyone keeps asking who your username is

I keep naming myself after my characters. I win most kahoots I enter.

"Who's Ashai? JUST GET ONE WRONG! "

I just smile and continue. - Cyri

I don’t know if other people would find this embarrassing, but I do. - sadical

This one kid in my school kept asking what my name was in kahoot so I stabbed him in the hand with an electric toothbrush. Don't even ask why I was carrying that around *wink wink***

3 Someone makes their name something bad about you

In first place, we have sadical still sleeps with a teddy bear! - sadical

4 When you’re the only one who doesn’t have a partner

When that happens, I name myself “lonely lodge” - sadical

5 Your teacher kicks you out because you have a naughty nickname

That happen to Caden he named himself poop - LootLlama

6 You talk about how much you're going to win and then lose
7 You accidentally get an easy question wrong and you’re the only one who did
8 The whole class is rooting for the second place person to beat you and you’re first

That happened to me too... - sadical

Welp thanks for practicality screaming at me to lose

9 You lose to someone who just presses random answers

I am the person who presses random answers - LootLlama

10 Someone bots the kahoot and uses your name so the teacher thinks it’s you

How do you even bot kahoot? - darthvadern

No I'm not Annie1234 or Annie56789 or AnnieCallie0005

That happened to me, there were 50 bots that were all named “Lia 1,” “Lia 2,” and so forth. - sadical

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