Top Ten Most Embarrassing Pet Names Your Mom Can Give You

Note that I have nothing against my mom or anyone's mom.

The Top Ten Most Embarrassing Pet Names Your Mom Can Give You

1 Munchkin

My mom calls me this all the time. - Snowpelt

2 Buttercup
3 Peanut

My sister is called peanut. - Merilille

4 Pumpkin
5 Mini Me


6 Midget
7 Cutie Pie
8 Honey Bunny

I like Honey Bunny!

This one is weird. - Snowpelt

Kid(trying to sound cool):Yo, I stole from the store yesterday.
Mom: Hi, Honey Bunny!
Kid’s friend: Honey Bunny?
Kid’s other friends: You’re out of the gang, bro.

9 Sweetheart
10 Sweetie

What if you have this name and your friends and teachers have to call you Sweetie...

That would be weird, but I'm no trying to offend anyone. - Snowpelt

It's not that bad... - Snowpelt

The Contenders

11 Crapface

This one is just funny😂 sorry if this is your name

12 Fartface

My mom CAN'T be the only one. - Merilille

13 Cuddle-kins

The heck? - Brobusky

14 Mosquito

My mom calls me this sometimes AND I HATE IT!

15 Little Seaman


16 Snuggiepie

My mom will hug me and give me a kiss in public while calling me this, it's so embarrassing

17 Honeybear
18 Coco
19 Noodle Poodle
20 Chook words - BloodFang

21 Sweetkims
22 Stupid
23 Camila
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