Most Embarrassing Presents to Get for Christmas


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1 Underwear

Especially if they had something on them like Dora or hello kitty - Ajkloth

Hopefully this will never happen to me. Awkward beyond belief... - dureckl

If I get a pair I say I won't where it so my parents say I have to. Then I will poo or wee in them to not where them and they will take them away but then they make me where a nappy. But I think that is better than some under where.

That's a private thing that parents, or if the recipient is an adult, he or she should address. Getting underwear from a friend is the worst.

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2 A Sex Education Book

Yay! Just what I've always wanted! How did you know?!?! - PositronWildhawk

Do I even have to explain...

I'm not even... Like... Why... - MoldySock

I'm under 13 and was once a Nikki Manaj fan! 😱 Do not get me started!

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3 Deodorant

A complimentary gift, I'm certain. - PositronWildhawk

4 Justin Bieber CD

Due to a coal shortage, Santa Claus now gives Justin Bieber CDs to naughty children... - Harri666

Time to smash it

5 Roadkill
6 Mouthwash

That's kinda like saying they have bad breAth. Wouldn't that hurt your feelings if you got that?

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7 A Baby Nappy

Especially when it is full

I got this once

8 Subscription to Voluntary Euthanasia Society

What's that?

9 Ticket to Fat Camp

Fat camp still exists? - Harri666

I'm not sure why I find this so funny - MoldySock

This is super embarrassing.

10 A Razor

Not so bad if you're male. If you're female, it's an insult! - beatles

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11 A My Little Pony

Why? I am a girl but I have just passed that age being over 8! Oh it's very nearly Christmas!

Especially when you're a boy

My best friend did this to me and I nearly killed him for it - bobbythebrony

Totally! I hate, hate, hate My Little Pony!

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12 One Direction Concert Tickets

That would be TORTURE!

I would tear them up

I figure this would be a good gift because you could sell them and make a lot of money to buy gifts for yourself! 😊 Mission accomplished!

I would love this! Too bad they aren't a band anymore ☚ī¸

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13 Coal

Getting a piece of coal in a box, as a prank, that passed to me last Christmas for not passing year

14 A Baby Show DVD

Makes sense to be on this list.

Super mean and dorky!

15 Book On Weight Loss
16 A Pair of Socks
17 Gentleman's Magazines
18 Booze

It's especially bad if you're a kid.

19 Barbie Doll

Why would anyone get this for anyone

20 A Dildo
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1. Roadkill
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1. Underwear
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