Most Embarrassing Presents to Get for Christmas


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1 Underwear

Especially if they had something on them like Dora or hello kitty - Ajkloth

Hopefully this will never happen to me. Awkward beyond belief... - dureckl

If I get a pair I say I won't where it so my parents say I have to. Then I will poo or wee in them to not where them and they will take them away but then they make me where a nappy. But I think that is better than some under where.

Who gets underwear for Christmas? - JoeBoi

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2 A Sex Education Book

Yay! Just what I've always wanted! How did you know?!?! - PositronWildhawk

Do I even have to explain...

I'm not even... Like... Why... - MoldySock

I'm under 13 and was once a Nikki Manaj fan! 😱 Do not get me started!

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3 Deodorant

A complimentary gift, I'm certain. - PositronWildhawk

4 Justin Bieber CD

Due to a coal shortage, Santa Claus now gives Justin Bieber CDs to naughty children... - Harri666

Why does Justin Bieber have to be on every single list I see. This is getting repetitive. - JoeBoi

Time to smash it

Just give it to a bieliber

5 Roadkill

I don't want a dead animal but thanks...

6 Mouthwash

That's kinda like saying they have bad breAth. Wouldn't that hurt your feelings if you got that?

7 Ticket to Fat Camp

Fat camp still exists? - Harri666

I'm not sure why I find this so funny - MoldySock

This is super embarrassing.

If you’re overweight, you’re more likely going to get this. - JoeBoi

8 A Baby Nappy

Especially when it is full

I got this once

9 Subscription to Voluntary Euthanasia Society

What's that?

10 A Razor

Not so bad if you're male. If you're female, it's an insult! - beatles

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11 One Direction Concert Tickets

I would love to get this! Some of the songs are pretty decent

That would be TORTURE!

I would throw it away

I don’t like or hate One Direction, but I wouldn’t care if a item like this was on a list. - JoeBoi

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12 A My Little Pony

Why? I am a girl but I have just passed that age being over 8! Oh it's very nearly Christmas!

Especially when you're a boy

My best friend did this to me and I nearly killed him for it - bobbythebrony

Not bad if you’re a girl, but if you’re a boy or a teenager, than you’re going to have a bad time. - JoeBoi

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13 A Baby Show DVD

Makes sense to be on this list.

Super mean and dorky!

I like little kid shows like noggin pbs kids playhouse Disney and nick jr more than baby shows like babyfirsttv

14 Coal

Getting a piece of coal in a box, as a prank, that passed to me last Christmas for not passing year

15 A Dildo
16 Book On Weight Loss

Basically an insult

17 A Pair of Socks
18 Gentleman's Magazines
19 Booze

It's especially bad if you're a kid.

20 Barbie Doll

Why would anyone get this for anyone

21 A Dead Bird


22 A Book About Being Different is Okay

Yeah I'm different, but that also makes me special! What's wrong with different? - Lina1028

So am I! I am also different - Freddy_Fazbear

I actually got this book once. I still have it I really want to get rid of it in some way (eg. donate it, trade it, sell it, etc),but my mom won't let me >:(

It’s motivation I’ve heard A THOUSAND TIMES. I stick out LIKE A SORE THUMB. It’s not my fault I’m heartbroken about Major Lazer splitting up and not happy about One Direction coming back together. It’s not my fault I want Epic Games to go down in flames like a flammable Halloween costume. It’s not my fault I’m almost a teen and still have toys. These books are like “be different”. They are trying to get me to do acoustic when I want to do moombahton.

23 Poop

I know someone who eats this!

24 Kisses From Granny

You have to directly get this. - JoeBoi

25 Toilet Paper

It'sfor when your parents are tired of cleaning you skid marked underwear

Hahaa I hope nobody sends me that, I'd be so insulted.

26 Nose Hair Trimmers
27 Condoms

Yes, if you're a single dad with five divorces and seventeen kids, this may be complimentary. - dureckl

Worst present ever unnless its from your partner

28 Something You Already Own

I have 2 copies of the Finding Nemo dvd. We bought the 1st copy and someone mailed us the 2nd copy. My mom constantly yelled at me and blamed me for ordering it when in reality I didn’t.

To this day we still have no idea who sent us that 2nd copy of Nemo.

29 A Stone
30 Gummy Bear
31 Diapers

Oh that would totally be embarrassing! If you know how to use the toilet, why would you need to wear these? - JoeBoi

32 A Book About Straying from Your Religious Path
33 Tampons

Believe me, you don't want to get those for Christmas, and you don't want to give them to someone.

I hate these

If you’re a man, than that’s very embarrassing! Men do not get periods so why would they need this? - JoeBoi

34 A Night Light

I am not 2

35 Toe Nail Clippers
36 A Ticket for Plastic Surgery

That's even worse than getting tickets for a One Direction concert or a Justin Bieber CD! I don't want to look like a fake and plastic barbie doll.

37 Pink Bunny Suit

It happened to Ralphie in The Christmas Story... - Turkeyasylum

38 The Teletubbies on DVD

Especially when you were 2

Worst show to get on DVD.

39 Singing Fish
40 A Lemon With an Smiley Face
41 The Shake Weight

These just confuse me. - Freddy_Fazbear

42 A Box of Food

I like getting food as a gift. I love to eat!

43 Peppa Pig DVD

Totally awful! I'm 12 and I hate Peppa Pig!

44 Teen Titans Go! DVDS Under Your Tree

I hate teen titans go

I love teen titans go!

45 Silly Bands
46 Face Wash

Why would you want it when you can get that anytime

47 Dora the Explorer DVD

Whenever me and my sister go to our grandma's house, she makes us watch Dora.

I'm 12.

48 Winnie the Pooh Stickers

i'm not 4

49 Barney DVD
50 Vajazzle Kit for Granny

Just for fun, and it was very funny!

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