Most Embarrassing Presents to Get for Christmas

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1 Underwear Underwear Product Image

If I get a pair I say I won't where it so my parents say I have to. Then I will poo or wee in them to not where them and they will take them away but then they make me where a nappy. But I think that is better than some under where.

What are you supposed to say in front of everyone when presented with a pink lacy number from your uncle Cecil?
"Well... They'e not actually my size... Unc. But thanks anyway..."

That's a private thing that parents, or if the recipient is an adult, he or she should address. Getting underwear from a friend is the worst.

I would love that, if they came from my husband, and no one else was around, oh I get it, no don't do this.

2 A Sex Education Book A Sex Education Book Product Image

Yay! Just what I've always wanted! How did you know?!?!

Who'd want this for Christmas! O-O

Do I even have to explain...

I'm not even... Like... Why...

3 A Baby Nappy A Baby Nappy Product Image

Especially when it is full

I got this once

4 A Razor A Razor Product Image

Not so bad if you're male. If you're female, it's an insult!

5 Deodorant Deodorant Product Image

A complimentary gift, I'm certain.

I would be fine with getting it

6 Diapers Diapers Product Image

Oh that would totally be embarrassing! If you know how to use the toilet, why would you need to wear these?

My brother stoped using diapers when he was seven or eight. I was four wearing underwear.

7 Coal Coal Product Image

Getting a piece of coal in a box, as a prank, that passed to me last Christmas for not passing year

haha I should pranks someone with this

8 Justin Bieber CD Justin Bieber CD Product Image

Just what I wanted. I'll play it once and throw it into the fireplace to show how much I love it.

Why does Justin Bieber have to be on every single list I see. This is getting repetitive.

Due to a coal shortage, Santa Claus now gives Justin Bieber CDs to naughty children...

I prefer dubstep anyway...

9 Mouthwash Mouthwash Product Image

That's kinda like saying they have bad breAth. Wouldn't that hurt your feelings if you got that?

Lady: Mouthwash for Christmas?
Man: Why not?
Lady: Interesting gift idea.
Man: I thought so
Lady: Why is it blue?
Man: Why not?
Lady: Why for Christmas?
Man : Why not?
Lady: Why is it blue?
Man: Peppermint
Lady: Interesting
Man: I thought so
Lady: why is it blue?
Man: It's not

-cs188 YTP

10 Book On Weight Loss Book On Weight Loss Product Image

I would throw it at you, then get something to eat.

Do they even make these? its kina obvious on how to loose weight

Basically an insult

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11 Ticket to Fat Camp

I'm not sure why I find this so funny

This is super embarrassing.

Fat camp still exists?

If you’re overweight, you’re more likely going to get this.

12 A Dead Bird

I will put you in jail if you do that.

13 A Baby Show DVD A Baby Show DVD Product Image

Worst of all...if it was Caillou

Makes sense to be on this list.

Super mean and dorky!

I like little kid shows like noggin pbs kids playhouse Disney and nick jr more than baby shows like babyfirsttv

14 Roadkill

I don't want a dead animal but thanks...

Good for taxidermists!

15 Subscription to Voluntary Euthanasia Society
16 Dora the Explorer DVD Dora the Explorer DVD Product Image

Whenever me and my sister go to our grandma's house, she makes us watch Dora.

I'm 12.

17 A Night Light A Night Light Product Image

I love night lights because I am scared of the dark.

18 The Teletubbies on DVD The Teletubbies on DVD Product Image

Worst show to get on DVD.

Especially when you were 2

19 One Direction Concert Tickets

I would love to get this! Some of the songs are pretty decent

I would give it to a one direction fan.

I would throw it away

I would tear them up

20 A Ticket for Plastic Surgery

That's even worse than getting tickets for a One Direction concert or a Justin Bieber CD! I don't want to look like a fake and plastic barbie doll.

what kind of person would do that? did you say you wanted to have something done? if not how could you do that?

21 A My Little Pony A My Little Pony Product Image

Why? I am a girl but I have just passed that age being over 8! Oh it's very nearly Christmas!

My best friend did this to me and I nearly killed him for it

This one is very bad if it's something like a huge Twighlight Sparkle doll/figure.

Totally! I hate, hate, hate My Little Pony!

22 Condoms

Yes, if you're a single dad with five divorces and seventeen kids, this may be complimentary.

Worst present ever unnless its from your partner

Should be number one

If it was Comu-chan, I wouldn’t care

23 Caillou DVD Caillou DVD Product Image
24 A Dildo
25 A Pair of Socks
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