Top Ten Embarrassing Situations You Can't Seem to Avoid

Ever had one of those utterly embarrassing moments when it seems that the odds are stacked up against you and Fate is conspiring to ruin your reputation? Well, if you haven't had that moment it will, without fail, occur at some point in your life. Examples of this predicament can stretch from a social encounter gone wrong to a full-blown moment of awkwardness that makes you want to roll on the floor, curl into a fetal position, and never get up.

Life is the cruelest mistress of them all. Here's ten reasons why.

The Top Ten

Entering the wrong class and not realizing it until someone tells you

Okay, this situation is avoidable, and I'm not saying everybody will experience it. But for those who will...God help you. You'll need it.

You've got it all wrong. You simply look around and say, "What the hell are all you idiots doing in the wrong class?" Then exit, stage left, to rave reviews.

Accidentally broadcasting your opinion to a large group of people

A large group of people means more opinions to be expressed. Back when the law was more carefree, large groups of people meant lynch mobs. You've probably noticed how the two are connected.

"Back when the law was more carefree..." (snorkel! ) You got style.

Commenting anything on TTT be like...

Calling the wrong number

I called up a girls number and said "hey girl lets meet up at 10pm k? " and it turns out I called my teacher and I wanted to yeet myself into piranha water ever since

Getting noticed hanging out with your parents

Unless your parents are cool or own a caddie or something other.

Accidentally talking about your ex around your significant other
Having a conversation with a friend and realizing you've been talking smack about the stuff they enjoy

Ah, happens all the time. ALL THE TIME. Unintentionally ☹️
Some days ago when a friend gave a call,
He mentioned "housekeeping" as he's doing a course in hotel management. I laughed and asked if he knew what it is, he replied no and asked me to explain it, I replied - it's a meagre job where you yell "housekeeping!" 24/7 & clean hotel rooms.
He replied he had done it many times.

Again, "Simply testing your level of dedication to your fascinating obsession." Walk away leaving them totally confused.

Unless they enjoy eating puppies; then, by all means, feel free.

Correcting someone's mistake only to be told that it wasn't a mistake

This situation is extremely painful when you're the victim, but I assume that it probably feels awesome when you can counter-correct the correction and be smug about it afterwards.

Again, all wrong. Simply come back with, "I was merely testing your confidence in your knowledge. Well done."

Telling an awesome joke with no laughter in response

Try, "Ya know, they're doing great things with hearing loss these days."
Or, "So, how's that concussion coming along? "

Ha! Yah. It's funny - I never actually hear anyone laughing at my jokes on TheTopTens...

Let's be fair here, it's happened to every last one of us.

It hurts to tell a joke like one of these ( to an audience consisting of crickets.

Saying "hi" to someone as they say "hi" to you
Trying to fit in and realizing you're all wrong

The Contenders

Doing something stupid that your crush finds out

What a painful memory...arts and crafts...searching for things in nature to put in our crafts...I find “interesting” object...turns out to be a piece of cactus...I STILL TAKE THE STUPID CACTUS PIECE FOR MY CRAFT EVEN though IKNOW It's A CACTUS AND HAS friends GRABS the cactus and sticks herself with it and then announces to the whole group that I picked up a cactus for my craft and she stuck herself with it...crush says “why would you pick up a cactus? ”... I say “because I didn't know it was a cactus! ”...crush answers “oh so you live in Arizona and don't know what a cactus is? ”...I die on inside knowing that my crush thinks I’m some stupid girl who decided to pick up a cactus...

Looking at someone and realize they're looking directly at you
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