Top Ten Most Embarrassing Stories On

On people submit some of the most humiliating experiences that they've had in the form of a small blog. I thought it'd be fun to put some here for my fellow TopTenners to see.

The Top Ten

A woman went to buy a bathing suit. She was rushed, so only wore a shirt with nothing under it. On leaving through a revolving door, the door caught the shirt & ripped it off. The shirt jammed the door with her inside & pinned her hands back by the cuffs.

Ooh, that's embarrassing! This is an excellent list, by the way! - NerdyPweeps

A girl was with her boyfriend when he gave her "the look" and told her to meet in the bedroom. She took her clothes off, walked in and saw his parents.
A man was about to shower when his sister-in-law who he didn't know was there came out and they collided, breaking each others' noses and losing each others' towels. Then his wife came in.

That will be huge shock to the wife, and bad luck for the man. - Kiteretsunu

Haha poor people! This list is really amazing and fun! - keyson

It's not what it looks like, babe, she fell on me! - PetSounds

And that man is sticking to his story...
Haha! Excellent list, Pos! - Britgirl

A girl went swimming in the ocean before she realised her clothes were taken by the tide, as well as her phone and keys. She had to walk 2 miles home.

That's embarrassing! Poor girl! - funnyuser

A student told his teacher about a scene in TBBT relevant to the subject, also involving the group going for dinner and a movie. Everyone heard him say "dinner and a movie" in the corridor.

Oh meh god! - ShadowClanRocks

A girl was pranked by two girls who duct taped her to the stairs in the school corridor and pulled her pants down, and called the entire school year.
A man was staying with his wife and in-laws. He began asking for sex, which she denied. His child sister-in-law came in and said that Daddy says she should give it to him, but turn off the intercom.
A student took part in a school diving contest. He won, and came out of the pool to accept the trophy, not noticing his trunks had come off until after he was on stage.
A woman fell ill as she arrived in India and a family let her stay. She had diarrhea that night and pooped into a valuable copper bowl and passed out. She sneaked out the next day, ashamed to tell them.
A man got drunk at a party and tried to impress the girls by downing molten candle wax. They had to do physiotherapy after it solidified in his throat.

The Contenders

A girl was preparing for a family picnic. She was dressing when her cousin came in and she chased him outside. Her mother assumed she was tormenting him, and locked her outside only in her underwear.

This is why parents should be fair. - PositronWildhawk

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