Top Ten Most Embarrassing Things That Can Happen Involving You and Your Crush

The Top Ten

1 Your crush catches you staring at them

Well, he smiled back at me

This happened to me sometimes

Happens to me ALL THE TIME

I start at many different girls and not just 1 girl so if any of my crush see ghis, theyll probably think I'm staring at someone else because I have a crush on a lot of girls. - AlphaQ

2 You see your crush with a person you hate

That would suck

But what if they were telling the person you hate how much they hate them? - mistyglow

3 Your crush calls you a nerd

Thanks, ill get a scholar

I'd take it as a compliment - RoseWeasley

They wouldn’t be wrong. - Cyri

"Hey, person who I’ve never heard of! You’re a nerd.”
“K.” - mistyglow

4 You recite your love poem to the wrong person

Then you'd marry the wrong person.

Why would anyone write a love poem? That would be funny though. - mistyglow

Especially if it's your enemy - Nateawesomeness

I wrote a love poem.
Dear enemy
The sun rises in the sky
And goes back down because of you

5 Your crush turns ugly

I always end up falling for all the 'bad girls'. I don't know why. - AlphaQ

Looks aren’t what matters. - mistyglow

And has an ugly personality too - Nateawesomeness

6 You ask your friend for advice on asking the crush out but you call your crush by accident
7 You send your dating tape to your crush but it turns out to be The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie instead

Okay, this one is just plain funny. - Ku

What’s a “dating tape? ” Either way, this list is hilarious. - mistyglow

8 You try to be a hero and save someone's life so your crush loves you, but you didn't save the person's life

I think the worst thing about this is that someone died and you must deal with the fact you failed to save them. - Skullkid755

But it won't be likely their will be dying people would be around so your lucky you won't have to deal with this - Nateawesomeness

9 You swallow a bug when you say your speech to them
10 Your crush finds out you like them

That'll probably be a good thing since most of the would generally like you back. - AlphaQ

This has never happened to me. - LarkwingFlight

I think my crush already has.

Oh no, time to run away forevzies and never come back. - mistyglow

The Newcomers

? You accidentally fall on him/her
? You accidentally fall on them

The Contenders

11 You puke all over them
12 When your crush ends up being taller than you

If it's a girl

Only if it's a girl

Why does this even matter? Height is just, well, a height. If you’re 3’9 and you have a crush on someone who’s 6’11, that’s perfectly fine! As is the other way around! - mistyglow

13 You accidentally injure your crush

Ah... I accidentally did that once. She forgave me though... luckily now I still have a chance with her

14 Your parents walk in on you "doing it"

What does this have to do with the list? - mistyglow

YUCK! I'm 11!

Both my parents work so this isn't lkeyly. - AlphaQ

15 Your crush sees you talking to another girl
16 Your crush gets leprosy

What is leprosy? - sadical

17 You poop your pants in front of them

Tey wont notice it but only smell it. - AlphaQ

18 Your pants fall down while confessing your love to them

And your girl sees you little pickle. - AlphaQ

19 You text your best friend something about your crush but accidentally send it to your crush
20 Your friend tells him/her you love him/her.

Already happened

21 Snorting in front of them
22 Your crush hates on something you love then rejects you

That happened to me

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