Top 10 Most Embarrassing Things That Can Happen at School

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You are talking with a friend, the teacher asks you to stop talking, and you realize you are still talking loudly and everyone is staring at you

More embarrassing if you have profanity in your talk sentences

I was zoning out while talking, and I realized I was the ONLY one talking, besides the teacher. It was a little embarrassing because everyone was looking at me...

I've so done this it's really embarrassing every one just stares at you! - sweetmadi11

This has happened to me so many times lol - xXMcAw3s0m3Xx

The teacher tells everyone you got an F on your test

All you have to do to prevent this from happening is not get an F. - mistyglow

Like what Mr. Crocker does? - TheFourthWorld

I hate it when teachers do that. It makes you feel... stupid. - Chaotixhero

I hate teachers who do that😢

Your mom shows up as the substitute in your class

That never happens

If your mom shows up as a substitute even though the chances of that happening, especially if she’s not even a teacher, is slim to none, but everyone knows she would embarrass you on purpose. - 3DG20

Your parent gives you a big hug and calls you a tacky nick name in front of your crush at school
Your parent tells your crush you are obsessed with them while getting dropped off at school

Glad this would never happen to me because I never tell anyone who my crush is.

Drive up to your school while your parent listens to songs that are old and awful, and everyone stares

The songs my dad listens to aren't awful. He listens to Queen, Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, etc. I wouldn't be embarrassed. - Misfire

That wouldn’t happen to me. My mom has a good music taste. I think the people at school prefer pop and rap lol. - Userguy44

Luckily, earbuds are a thing. - mistyglow


You stand up from your desk and your pants fall down

If your pants is too lose and it tends to fall down, better wear a belt to prop your pants up, preventing them from falling down.

And your underwear?

You fart loudly in front of the entire class

I did it in the beanbag chair I blamed the bean bag and it worked I got away!

And everyone else smells it

Blame the chair

When I fart in class, I blame the guy next to me. It works...sometimes. - Chaotixhero

You tell the whole class who you like while day dreaming and your crush happens to be sitting next to you

I did that once in my Private School Immediately changed schools

You accidentally call the meanest teacher in the school the rude nick name you made up for them

I've made a close call with this one. - PositronWildhawk

Excuse me Mr *** Ha- Uh... My favourite teacher in the whole wide world. - 3DG20

Almost did it once just saved myslef

"hey meanie pants I mean youhateeveryone- I mean ms. smiff - lolingdog9000

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Your phone rings

My mom made me keep my phone on while I'm in class during college. Then this happened. It was one of this annoying commercial numbers.

I now keep my phone off while I'm in school at all times.

Teacher has a crush on you

My 7th grade social studies teacher called me her baby. seriously what?

Never happened but EW!

That’s pedophilia - DrayTopTens

You pee yourself

Especially if you have a crush and he/she’s there. I don’t have a crush but that’s humiliating just to think about. - 3DG20

Calling your teacher mommy
You cry in front of the entire class

Happens All the TIME

This happened WAY too many times. THANKS A LOT, MEAN TEACHERS! >:(

When you puke in front of your crush

This is just embarrasing and proves that you will never date her or him

You get a random erection
Talking to your pencil

Hey pencil. Can you write everything down for me while I head to sleep? - 3DG20

Getting rejected by your crush

OOF I hate it when this happens happened to me at a school dance

When your crush sees your underwear

Especially if it has Hello Kitty!


You pooped in your pants

I sharted myself in high school once. It was not fun.

You ask the teacher to use the bathroom and the teacher says no

This is very common, not embarrassing. It IS infuriating, though.

That's not embarrassing to me. - Misfire

Thank god, I am homeschooled

You changed the wallpaper of your school research computer to porn

It didn't happen to me but most kids did.

Teacher be like what the H**l is that.

You get caught listening to Justin Bieber

Why would I listen to him in the first place? - Misfire

You're Life Is Over If This Happens

Naked in school

Once in school pressentation I was wearing towel a teacher remove it and I naked in front of whole class

"Once in a school I was wearing a towel a teacher remove it" who even wears towel to school and nothing else?! Lol

Once in a school I was wearing a towel a teacher remove it

Too bad this didn’t happen to me...

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