Top 10 Most Embarrassing Things That Can Happen at School


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1 You are talking with a friend, the teacher asks you to stop talking, and you realize you are still talking loudly and everyone is staring at you

I've so done this it's really embarrassing every one just stares at you! - sweetmadi11

This has happened to me so many times lol - xXMcAw3s0m3Xx

Well the teachers better RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH
If they want respect - OneWayStreet

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2 The teacher tells everyone you got an F on your test

I hate it when teachers do that. It makes you feel... stupid. - Chaotixhero

3 Your mom shows up as the substitute in your class
4 Your parent gives you a big hug and calls you a tacky nick name in front of your crush at school
5 Your parent tells your crush you are obsessed with them while getting dropped off at school
6 Drive up to your school while your parent listens to songs that are old and awful, and everyone stares

Lol my friends already know my music is from the 90's and 80's (punk, emo, indie, etc) my most recent music is from the early 2000's or its just ot mainstream but my parents make it embaressing by singing an playing it really loud, and banging her head. Barely knows what emo is and calls it e-m-o music. - ToptenPizza

7 You stand up from your desk and your pants fall down

If your pants is too lose and it tends to fall down, better wear a belt to prop your pants up, preventing them from falling down.

8 You fart loudly in front of the entire class

When I fart in class, I blame the guy next to me. It works...sometimes. - Chaotixhero

9 You tell the whole class who you like while day dreaming and your crush happens to be sitting next to you
10 You accidentally call the meanest teacher in the school the rude nick name you made up for them

I've made a close call with this one. - PositronWildhawk

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11 Your phone rings
12 You get a random erection
13 You get caught listening to Justin Bieber

You're Life Is Over If This Happens

14 Talking to your pencil
15 Getting rejected by your crush
16 Naked in school

Once in a school I was wearing a towel a teacher remove it

Story:most is made up
I was in the guy Changing room and a guy took of my speedo and my other clothes and took it to the I bin so I was naked and the teacher was fin for me swimming naked. When class was over, I forgot that I was naked so I don't cove I'm junk and everyone saw my junk, I went the the shower and I thought you down then I remember that I was naked. The ball ring was I had to be naked for the all day, at lunch everyone took pictures of me. The the teacher said to me you will be naked for the rest of the of high school(6 years), at first I hated it be later on I was enjoying being naked, if there was a event I had to be naked was parent was me naked.

At first it was quite embarrassing than I enjoy be naked

17 When your crush sees your underwear
18 Getting a boner when asking someone out
19 Teacher has a crush on you

My 7th grade social studies teacher called me her baby. seriously what?

20 You pee yourself
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