Top Ten Embarrassing Things That Can Happen While Playing Golf

The Top Ten

1 Your club breaks when hitting the ball

Wonder what this club was made of! - Kiteretsunu

Haha this happened to me once! It went flying! LOL - MrGus

That's impossible - Gehenna

That's What Happened To My Family Friend Bruno - topbesttopworst

2 You hit with your full power and the ball only moves an inch

Either you are Monty Burns, or you're using a cannonball. - PositronWildhawk

Time to take some Stariods!!!! - nintendofan126


3 You hit a flying bird with your probable birdie stroke

Haha indeed ironic! It's making my eyes water! - Britgirl

I'm sure that bird won't know the significance of that hit. - Kiteretsunu

I've seen some do this before

4 You hit your ball into someone's groin
5 You say "golf is a stupid and boring game(on losing)" in front of hardcore golf fans
6 You miss ten strokes in a row
7 You accidentally send the club flying during a swing and it hits someone

The sad thing about this... Is that I have actually done this. In my defense, I was 5, and it at least was a mini-golf course instead of an actual one. - Minecraftcrazy530

Ok when I was like eight I went mini golfing for the first time with my relatives and the golf club didn't fly out of my hands, but It did accidentally hit my aunt while swinging I was swinging. Oops...

8 You miss a hit when the ball is 2 millimeters away from the hole

Nope, I suck at golf. - SuperBacca

And stand there with an embarrassed face. - Kiteretsunu

9 Bend over and fart.

I've done this before. It's not so bad, unless your standing behind me... - nintendofan126

Silent but Ready will be bad, too. - Tacocheese

10 You lose to a 3 year old novice

Or maybe he is a prodigy. Why not? - Kiteretsunu

The Contenders

11 A groundhog eats your golf ball.

Its happened to me at least a million times! Those damn ground hogs!

12 You are about to hit a hole in one but the ball misses the hole by a millimeter

This is a repeat - gase456

Coreforce: the little devil in: GOOFY GOLF!

*begins in golf centre where Coreforce, our little devil, is playing golf with his family*

Me: “ok, gotta do this, I think I got the right angle! ”

Mom: “that’s it dear, you got this! ”

Dad: “go for it! ”

Me: “alright alright...aaand...go! ” *hits golf ball and is sent flying to the hole*

Both parents: “, could do it! ”

*but then...the golf ball is a millimetre away from the hole and just stands there*

Me: “wait...AAAGH,


Everyone: “HAHAAHAHA”

Me: “it’s times like this that I wish I could dig a hole, crawl into it...AND DIE! ”

THE END - Coreforce

13 When your friend's chimpanzee laughs at your golf playing skills

Only if that chimpanzee is allowed on the field. - Kiteretsunu

14 When you swing the club it hits someone in the balls

How’d ya like a third ball there? *throws golf ball in mans privates* TROLOLLOOLOL! 1!

15 When you bend over to pick the ball your pants rips

I need another pair of pants now, because I have a HOLE IN ONE! Trolololololol! 111! 1! eleven! 1 - Coreforce

16 You tell everyone that you're ace at golf, for a birthday surprise they enter you into a golf competition. You come last by a lot because you have only ever played mini-golf once when you were three.

LOL! Life lesson guys. Never lie and show’s not gonna end well

17 When you have a "fresh airy"
18 Slice on to a different fairway and having to say sorry
19 You swing and then it hits you in the balls
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