Top Ten Embarrassing Things That Can Happen While Swimming In a Public Swimming Pool


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1 You lose your underwear

Don't you mean swimsuit? Anyways, yeah, that'd be embarrassing. - BorisRule

I think you mean swimsuit - Randomator

Why would you bring your underwear in a pool? I think you mean bathing suit. - mistyglow

I saw that happen to someone in a wave pool. I was grossed out, but at the same time embarrassed for them.

2 You accidentally go #2 in the pool

That would be far more humiliating than loosing your underwear.

Two words, "American Dad" - Gehenna

Last year, some kid pooped on the pool, and everyone kept on pointing at it. Nobody knows who did it, and I frankly do not wish to know. - DogsUnleashed

Just like the episode from American Dad where Stan accidentally poops in the pool and he becomes the laughing stock of Langly Falls. - egnomac

3 You accidentally pull down someone else's underwear while doing a butterfly stroke

Well that would be awkward - Randomator

Excuses, excuses.

This I can only imagine. I would not like to see that person's face, let alone what I just revealed. - PositronWildhawk

You will need a very powerful butterfly stroke for this to happen. - Kiteretsunu

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4 You get caught peeing in the pool

Aren't many pool rules against this? - BorisRule

I went to a pool once and this hasn't happened because there was a strict rule that states that the pool is NOT a toilet - Antonio89

A dirty act many people have done to the public swimming pools. Shame on them! - Kiteretsunu

Like in South Park, but that wasn't an accident

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5 You see someone (of the opposite sex) swimming while naked

I've seen this! Well, he wasn't naked, but he was wearing see-through trunks! - Britgirl

That would be so hot!

I thought nudity was illegal in pools - Antonio89

that's hot

6 Your pet comes out of nowhere and jumps into the pool

Oh yeah my cats totally would hop in swimming pools

That'd be more confusing than embarrassing. - BorisRule

NOT embarrassing I be like, lol this is my pet and he likes me this much.

That will be so funny.

7 You're caught throwing up in public

My brother was swimming and this little girl threw up in the pool. They evacuated the pool and took two hours to clean it out. - DismissedEye

8 You see your school's principal there

Or your sport teacher, who happens to suck at swimming.

What's wrong with that? - Antonio89

I would push her in pool then, as she doesn't know how to swim😝 - Ananya

9 You meet your ex in the middle of the pool

Kinda depends on what terms you guys are on - Randomator

Add naked to that

10 You see someone seeing porn through a waterproof smartphone

At least they aren't catching you.

What's wrong with pool porn - peppypeter

Who does that

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11 Your period starts

Now that would be disgusting! - BorisRule

That’s not good because a pool is a public place where people can see things and the blood will spread around the pool and it could be horrible if people are underwater and the blood is under them and people will know the source of the blood

Even worse when there’s a shark in the water! Sharks can smell blood and therefore you will be an easy target!

Can the blood flow into the water?

12 You see five to six freely floating underwear (both of ladies and men) inside the water

Well guess things got a little interesting - Randomator

Time to leave.

As long as it is not your own, you won't be to blame. Unless it came up from underneath you. - PositronWildhawk

You can predict what must have been going on there at the pool. - Kiteretsunu

13 You get caught bringing uranium with you into the water

To do a public experiment of course - Kiteretsunu

You know, everyone has uranium just lying around. It's a common household item. - DismissedEye

No, you won't get caught cause you won't last until then! - Animefan12

14 You fart

Well if this happens you just have to hope it wasn't bad - Randomator

This won't be a big deal. Nobody will notice it because the chlorine blocks the smell and nobody will hear the sound

That will happen. Don't go near the person that farted - Antonio89

As long as no one sees. The bubbles you would be fine

15 Seeing naked old women/men in the change rooms

It's just weird

16 Your trunks come off

Lol, my brothers trunks came off while he was swimmingLol it was hularyice

17 Going swimming on your period and you leak in the pool

This is why I NEVER swim during my period

That's why you wear tampons whenever you go swimming. Problem solved. - Pegasister12

18 You get caught kissing a girl

How would that be bad? That’s when things get interesting - Randomator

Why would you kiss someone in the pool? :/

19 Diarrhea

This one dude... this one dude I used to know, he ate nothing but apple juice and spinach for a week. he exploded a ass blast into the pool not thinking anything bad would happen, then it hit him, or everyone around him, or everybody, that it wasnt a fart. the entire pool turned brown and took weeks to clean.

20 Abuse in public

That escalated quickly - Randomator

This list took a dark turn

21 Trunks/Bikini bottoms/Costume rip by your butt

Well if it’s a rip then it could be worse right? - Randomator

22 There is a naked little boy in the girls changing room.

I've seen this before

While it is a little kid, it is really awkward when a mom has got her little children naked in the changing room.

23 Your pants fall down when you get out of the pool, and you don't have on underwear.

This happened to my friend. Now I'm her only friend.

24 Nose bleed

Water Kung fu by justkiddingfilms

25 When the teacher from the class you're failing sees your parents
26 You're fully clothed and you grab a pipe you thought was stable and it's not so you fall in

Not sure I understand but okay - Randomator

That's quite specific.

27 Your foot gets caught in the filter

How would this happen - Randomator

28 When you are using the restroom, but the stalls don’t lock, so someone opens the stall while you are trying to take a #2.

What does #2 mean?!?!

Very specific but surprisingly common.

They can at least look under the stall for a pair of feet! Jeez people. If you think it is rude to look under a stall, then maybe you should think about how much more rude it is to invade someone’s privacy!

It is even worse if you are a girl and you are wearing a one piece bathing suit, because you are entirely naked!

29 You forget to change into your swimwear and swim in your clothes.

How would you forget - Randomator

30 You inadvertently go in the deep end when nobody knows you can't swim
31 You try to use the diving board and fail miserably
32 You lose your shorts
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1. You accidentally go #2 in the pool
2. You lose your underwear
3. You get caught peeing in the pool
1. You lose your underwear
2. You're caught throwing up in public
3. You accidentally go #2 in the pool
1. You get caught peeing in the pool
2. You lose your underwear
3. You accidentally go #2 in the pool

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