Most Embarrassing Things That Can Happen to You In the Bathrooms at School

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1 There is a hidden camera there and a video of you doing your business gets put on YouTube

Eww. I hate when that happens. Kill the bathroom cameras, because that kind of fetish is wrong. I hate when they look at my privacy, and then post it on YouTube. That kind of fetish is sick, because it is not okay to watch them use the bathroom.

Ha ha! That would be one of the most embarrassing things you could ever dread to happen! It would be worse if you were masturbating.

I'm glad my school bathroom doesn't have cameras, but a kid might put a hidden camera there

Whoever put the camera there would probably get in trouble with the law.

2 It turns out a bunch of people were watching you through a secret window

This is great. Then you can have a nice chat with
them :) Nooo,just kidding.

It's disgusting,gross etc.

If YOU do that stop it

3 Someone walks in on you because you forgot to lock the stall door

One time in second grade, I had to go really bad and I just plopped down on the toilet and didn't even realize I left the stall opened. Next things next a group of girls walked in and became hysterical.

In my first year of school someone did this to me since I forgot to lock the door, then I accidentalt did to someone else since thy didn't lock the door.

Ezpecially if its one of opposite gender, he or she can make a porn video and do sex

This has happened to me once, it's so embarrassing.

4 You miss the toilet and your fecal matter goes all over the place

Erections are the only thing.

Are you serious? Must be in a huge hurry to miss the toilet, I don’t know anyone stupid enough to do this.

Who would be the dumdass to miss the toilet bowl?

Only Pornogrind musicians do this to get mark their

5 You have bad diarrhea and you make a bunch of farting noises

Eww! No thanks It's bad enough when you hear people in the other cubicles peeing pooping and farting

This is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen on this list. Just eww.

I happened at least no one was there

I laughed when I first saw this

6 You fall in the toilet

Luckily, people are a lot bigger than toilets, and could easily manage to get out!

And somehow manage to accidentally flush yourself in the process. LOL!

How would someone get you out?

Lol how does this happen

7 You vomit while sitting on the toilet

This happend to me once at home, it felt like torture, note that I was five

This might smell like an eau de toilet.

This happened to me while I was at home

8 You fall asleep

Don't stay up for a long time and eat chili con Carne.

Who falls asleep while using the bathroom?

9 It turns out you accidentally went into the bathroom for the opposite gender

Happened to me. I didn't notice it at first.
I went into the "toilet room",when I noticed I there were no urinals.


She was on the next "toilet room" on the right and

I was so emberrased.

After she left the restroom I ran out as fast as I could.

The worst thing that could happen and I
don't wish you to experience this.

That happened to me once. I didn't realize I was in the girl's bathroom until I found out there were no urinals! Luckily, I didn't get caught.

In 1st grade, I accidentally went into the boys bathroom... - Swampert02

Would be really awkward. Apparntly boy bathrooms stink of pee and have urinals so

10 You drop something important in the toilet and have to grab it with your hand

Damnit my homework fell once in the toilet.
I will never forget my teachers disgusted face.

€Oh no! My homework! Oh well, I’ll just flush it.” Lol jk

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11 Someone takes a pic of you secretly

Yikes. I hate it when everyone's eyes are always on me, even when nothing about me is their business. Their eyes are always on me anyway.

And then they post it on Instagram

That would be so gross

This is weird in many ways.

12 You forget to flush the toilet

Now that's just gross

A lot of people at my school do it on purpose. It’s so disgusting!

13 You fart loudly

Nasty. That's why I don't like farting in public, because I don't wanna sound disgusting.

This is the primary reason why I don't use the school bathroom. Period.

EWW when I use the toilet ar scchool I always heat farts

I’ve never done that before. but, it’s still embarrassing

14 You headbang so hard you break the door

Who headbangs on the toilet? “Lolz I just pooped” m/ *Somehow manages to break door*

15 Someone jumps up and looks over the door

At school, there was this little girl who walked in the girl's bathroom, and was about to enter the stall next to me when I shifted in my seat and she heard it. She said "Huh? Who's there? " and walked over, and peeked over the stall door and saw me. She said "Oh. Hello! " She stayed there for a moment, then got down, and went back to the stall next to me. So weird.

Oh god, this has happened to so many poor people it's not even funny. It's also the fastest way to make enemies and to heighten the murder rate at blank school.

Lol I've tried this before.

Somebody has done that to me once, and then I was pretty annoyed by that.

16 Your butt gets stuck in the toilet bowl
17 You have no toilet paper

Especially when you crap

18 Watching porn without headphones and get caught

Somebody told me that a boy and a girl were both having sex in the boy's bathroom. I would count that as porn, which is nasty.

Who does this in the bathroom?

Turn off the volume

19 The door falling while doing your business

Even worse if the door falls on you.

20 Someone knocks on your door while you're doing your business

I just give them the finger. (Jk)

21 Your pee squirts on the ground

Time to leave and blame it on my enemy!

22 You may see mean writings about you.


23 Your butt feels sore from sitting down too long
24 You pull your pants down by mistake while using a toilet with no stall and everyone sees your butt

It’s called a urnial

25 Walk in the wrong bathroom when your crush is in there

This would be super embarrassing if this happened

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