Top Ten Embarrassing Things That Could Happen While Asking Someone Out

The Top Ten

1 Get Your Crush's Name Wrong

They'd probably say no if that was the case.

*Asking Out A Girl*
Kevin will you go outtt...wait a minute. - Unicorn

2 Fart

Not that I'd ever have the courage to actually ask anyone out on a date, but if I did get my act together and this happened...I'd stay home for the rest of my life! Oh... - Britgirl

Eww - Gehenna

3 See Your Ex

That would be BAD. - Unicorn

4 Mom or Dad Embarrassing You
5 Cowbell Solo
6 Ursula Took Your Voice
7 Run Over by a Unicorn
8 Realize You're Asking Out Justin Bieber

Sorry I had to put Bieber in here somehow. - Unicorn

9 Marching Band Practices
10 Struck by Lightning

The Contenders

11 Getting an Erection
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