Top Ten Most Embarrassing Things That Could Happen

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1 Waving at a stranger, who is waving at somebody else

I wouldn't wave back to a stranger, but one of my friend’s names is really similar to mine, and there was this person who I knew who was saying hi to them, but I thought they were saying it to me, and it was really embarrassing.

Oh my God! YES! This has happened to me more than once. The look on their face... As though you've lost your carer. So awkward.

It physically hurts me when that happens. It instantly causes me to get the rope and start swinging.

I really hate this. And also when they say "Excuse me" or "hey" to someone behind you and you think it's you. Aaargh!

2 Getting rejected by someone you don't even like

That's an awkward situation. Something similar to that happened to me. But, I liked the person who rejected me. Basically, this moron wrote a fake apology, stating that I wanted to call her "babe". This caused some controversy amongst my peers.

I hate this as much as I hate shrimp. It is so embarrassing that I start to blush and become really shy for the rest of the day.

Why would you ask someone who you don't like to go on a date with you?

3 Throwing up in front of somebody you like

At least you didn't do what Ricky Dillon did. He literally threw up on his crush once.

4 Talking trash about someone in a text, and then sending it to the wrong person.

That would pretty funny especially if the wrong person is a police officer.

All you have to do to avoid this is not send mean messages about others!

Of even worse, being caught cheating in a text.

5 Your parents holding your hand

My aunt made me hold her hand when we were crossing Las Vegas Blvd once...I was 23 YEARS OLD at the time. 0_o

I don't think it's embarrassing and I'm 9

How old are you?

6 Being beaten up by someone smaller than you

Smaller than me? He/she'd have to be aged four!

Oh yeah, my 15 year old godparents neighbors son, Blake. he’s a jerk! he strangled me, than I charged at him hammered him down a punched his gut. and my sister helped too, lol! I was only 11!

Then you are a wimp.

My cousins would beat me up all the time :(

7 Falling asleep in class or at work

Only when you wake up and everybody is staring at you

8 Rip off your pants and underwear in public

That wouldn't happen because there can't be 6 billion people in the same place at once.

At what moment is most of the world watching me?

Number 7? Why? It should be number one immediately!

9 Passing gas in public
10 Sneezing on somebody by accident
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11 Peeing your pants

The English teacher at my school is so strict loads of people in my year have wet them selves because she doesn’t let you go to the bathroom it’s happened to me seven times and I’m only in year five

12 Yelling at somebody and realizing everyone is looking at you
13 Answering a stranger who isn't questioning you

Oh gosh, I can't count how many times I had done this. Should be in top ten really. The only thing worst than this is mistaking a stranger for someone you know and actually have contact with them and leaving the person so confused. So embarrassing.

I've done this before lol

I do this ALL THE TIME and I’ve never gotten used to the extreme embarrassment

14 Getting scared on an amusement park ride

Um, it is not embarrasing to be scared on rides, a lot of people don't like amusement rides.

I'm not scared of that many rides unless you go upside down.

15 Getting an erection in public

I don't know what that is and I'm 10

Why isn’t this top ten? Worst thing ever- especially when your crush or homie is in that class

16 Soiling your pants

I hade a sleep over with my friends at someone else’s house I woke up and I had wet the bed

Nothing more embarrassing. TRUST ME

17 Walking in public with torn or ripped clothes without realizing

This is actually pretty fashionable nowadays. At least it's not a pair of jeans with a very unfortunate chocolate stain on the back.

€' once I was so sleepy I put on a jumper that had a massive rip down the back and then I went to the science museum! ”

18 Getting caught listening to embarrassingly bad music

Why is that embarrassing a lot of people listen to Justin Bieber’s music and likes it

19 Falling at your graduation ceremony
20 Realizing you're singing loudly in a quiet place

That happened one time when I was in a library reading quietly and this dude sitting next to me started to sing very loud I mean like screaming loud so, I got up moved to another quiet spot to read and after I moved the dude continued to sing loud and I sat like 15 feet away him and I can still here him so finally the librarian shushed the dude and after his got shushed he got embarrassed his face was red then he apologized for being loud.

I did that in a public bathroom once, it was embarrassing because I was singing Happier, and no once was there, but then someone walked in and I didn't know...

Oh, I do that quite a lot...

21 Getting caught crying while watching a kid movie

I cry in movies all the time,lol. My little sister just sits there eating popcorn.Even if my parents are there, it's not that embarrassing. Unless it's in a small area with not a lot of people and everyone can see you...yeah, that's a whole different story.

On Epic this happened!

I always cry at movies that little kids just sit and don’t bat an eyelid at.

22 Falling in cow poop

AAAH, no one would believe this but THIS HAPPENED! When I was about 12 It was April fools day so I went out of my bedroom and opened the kitchen door...THEN A BIG BUCKET OF COW POOP SPLATTERED ON ME! Everyone jumped out and laughed at me! So embarrassing

23 Taking a selfie and someone walking in on you
24 Getting arrested

That makes me angry and feeling angry/ashamed

What if you deserved it?

25 Going in circles because you don't know where you are going
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