Top Ten Most Embarrassing Things That Could Happen

The Top Ten Most Embarrassing Things That Could Happen

1 Waving at a stranger, who is waving at somebody else

It physically hurts me when that happens. It instantly causes me to get the rope and start swinging. - MasterBeef

Oh my God! YES! This has happened to me more than once. The look on their face... As though you've lost your carer. So awkward. - Britgirl

I really hate this. And also when they say "Excuse me" or "hey" to someone behind you and you think it's you. Aaargh! - PositronWildhawk

I wouldn't wave back to a stranger, but one of my friend’s names is really similar to mine, and there was this person who I knew who was saying hi to them, but I thought they were saying it to me, and it was really embarrassing. - sadical

2 Getting rejected by someone you don't even like

That's an awkward situation. Something similar to that happened to me. But, I liked the person who rejected me. Basically, this moron wrote a fake apology, stating that I wanted to call her "babe". This caused some controversy amongst my peers. - ethanmeinster

Why would you ask someone who you don't like to go on a date with you? - sadical

3 Talking trash about someone in a text, and then sending it to the wrong person.

All you have to do to avoid this is not send mean messages about others! - sadical

Of even worse, being caught cheating in a text.

4 Throwing up in front of somebody you like

At least you didn't do what Ricky Dillon did. He literally threw up on his crush once. - happyhappyjoyjoy

5 Rip off your pants and underwear in front of 6 billion people

At what moment is most of the world watching me? - Ahuman

Number 7? Why? It should be number one immediately! - DrayTopTens

During what

That wouldn't happen because there can't be 6 billion people in the same place at once. - sadical

6 Your parents holding your hand

My aunt made me hold her hand when we were crossing Las Vegas Blvd once...I was 23 YEARS OLD at the time. 0_o

I don't think it's embarrassing and I'm 9

Well I'm seventeen and if your parents force you to at my age, see if you think it's embarrassing. - Swiftdawn

How old are you? - SuperBacca

Mom:Hold my hand crossing the street.
Me: What why? No.
Mom: Do it so you don't wander off.
Me: What the hell my school is right there.
Seriously? - Swiftdawn

7 Being beaten up by someone smaller than you

Oh yeah, my 15 year old godparents neighbors son, Blake. he’s a jerk! he strangled me, than I charged at him hammered him down a punched his gut. and my sister helped too, lol! I was only 11!

Smaller than me? He/she'd have to be aged four! - Britgirl

Then you are a wimp. - Userguy44

I've embarrassed other people then. - Therandom

8 Getting pranked by someone to eat poop on a date then barf

At what moment would I eat poop and puke all over the table without realising the smell of it?

9 Someone putting a video of you dancing bare naked on YouTube

That is if you have done that. - SuperBacca

That's not an embarrassment

That's a BLESSING - GamerXS

Who would do that

Luckily it'll only be a matter of time before it gets flagged and taken off. - Entranced98

10 Getting caught kissing a Dora the Explorer doll

Why would anyone do that?

Inanimate Insanity reference

What? - Userguy44

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11 Falling asleep in class

Only when you wake up and everybody is staring at you

I do that.

12 Getting named poop

Don't worry I was named something to do with that subject as well by my dad! - Lord28

My dad calls me little poopie. So embarrassing!

13 Blowing off in public

You mean...FART! Ho! - Britgirl

14 Losing a fight vs. the weakest baby in the universe

I'm am literally crying, this is so friking hilarious. This would just be hilarious to see.

15 Sneezing on somebody by accident
16 Going to an amusement park with your best friend who isn't scared of any rides and you get really scared of all of them

I'm not scared of that many rides unless you go upside down.

17 You pee your pants in public

The English teacher at my school is so strict loads of people in my year have wet them selves because she doesn’t let you go to the bathroom it’s happened to me seven times and I’m only in year five

18 Someone telling your best friend you sing the song "Call Me Maybe" when taking a bath
19 Masturbating in public

Hell, I don't give a care. its not illegal if I'm not exposing my private parts, if they have a problem, they can take it up with me.

That's not an embarrassment

That's a BLESSING - GamerXS

20 When you are about to give your presentation in front of your class, your mom walks in and hands you a diaper and says "You forgot to wear one today" then walks over to your crush and says "So you are the girl/boy that my child loves so much!"


This never happened to me but I can understand how some people would feel because that would be really humiliating if your Mom came in with a diaper in her hand and then she basically told your crush that you love them in front of the entire class and you would get teased so bad if that ever happened to me I would have been blushing so hard I wouldn’t Want my Mom to do that in front of everyone they would laugh until they couldn’t anymore I’m sorry that happened to you guys if that ever happened to me then that would have been my most embarrassing moment

OH GOD OH GOD OH GOOD NOO BAD BAD BA D BA D BAAD MEMEMEMEMEEMMEMEEMMEEMORIIEIEIEIESS!...sorry I had to let that out of the system, anyway I was going into class and sat down next to my best friend then...MY MOM CAME IN AND HANDED IN MY BABY PICTURE! (It's a project we were doing) mom showed it to the whole class and they all laughed at me the picture featured me with messy hair, a dirty diaper, drool and pasta on my face and I was holding a barney dinosaur. IT WAS SO BAD THAT I GOT CALLED BARNEY FAN FOR ALMOST A WEEK AGGGH

Let me tell you a story. I was in Kindergarten at the time. I was very smart for my age, and I had written an essay about Women’s History Month and I was presenting it to the class. My mother who worked at the school came in with a bag. She was holding a diaper. “Cole, you forgot to wear these today.” She said. Coming over to me with a diaper in her hand. She takes my hand to lead me to the Men’s room and she stop’s at my crushes desk. Her name was Billie, odd name but we became close friends after this incident. My mother leans over her desk and says “You must be Billie, my son loves you! He talks about you all the time! It’s a pleasure to meet you.” The entire classed was very amused and they still tease me about it today. Throwing diapers at me in the halls, making kissy faces whenever she’s around. She’s probably forgotten all about it. I’m still mortified to this day.

21 Yelling at somebody without realizing everyone is looking at you
22 Kissing and hugging your car in front of a lot of people

Oh car. I love you so much, car.

23 Answering a stranger who isn't questioning you

I've done this before lol

I do this ALL THE TIME and I’ve never gotten used to the extreme embarrassment

24 Pooping your pants when you are with a friend

I hade a sleep over with my friends at someone else’s house I woke up and I had wet the bed

25 Getting your diaper changed

This would be bad if we were four

26 Walking in public with torn or ripped clothes without realizing

This is actually pretty fashionable nowadays. At least it's not a pair of jeans with a very unfortunate chocolate stain on the back. - Entranced98

€' once I was so sleepy I put on a jumper that had a massive rip down the back and then I went to the science museum! ”

27 Everyone in your school knowing you're so weak you can't pick up a tiny pencil
28 Falling at your graduation ceremony
29 Falling in cow poop

AAAH, no one would believe this but THIS HAPPENED! When I was about 12 It was April fools day so I went out of my bedroom and opened the kitchen door...THEN A BIG BUCKET OF COW POOP SPLATTERED ON ME! Everyone jumped out and laughed at me! So embarrassing

30 Getting caught listening to Justin Bieber

Why is that embarrassing a lot of people listen to Justin Bieber’s music and likes it

31 Autocorrect fails

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dead brother
Happy birthday to you

32 Unexpected erection at school

Why isn’t this top ten? Worst thing ever- especially when your crush or homie is in that class

I don't know what that is and I'm 10

33 Farting during a date
34 You look so cool and then fall to the floor

The way I avoid this is by falling to the floor, but not looking cool! - sadical

35 Taking a selfie and your grandma walking in on you
36 Getting arrested

What if you deserved it? - Userguy44

That makes me angry and feeling angry/ashamed

37 Getting caught crying while you're watching a kid movie.

On Epic this happened! - JaysTop10List

I always cry at movies that little kids just sit and don’t bat an eyelid at.

38 Letting it rip while giving a speech
39 Being naked

That's not an embarrassment

That's called a BLESSING - GamerXS

40 Singing loud in a quiet place without realizing

Oh, I do that quite a lot...

I did that in a public bathroom once, it was embarrassing because I was singing Happier, and no once was there, but then someone walked in and I didn't know... - sadical

41 Not speaking when giving a presentation
42 Blushing and everyone is staring at you

A crimson headache, aching blush!

43 Going in circles because you don't know where you are going
44 When you are listening to music too loud and everyone can hear it

Oh, well I would like that, so everyone could hear good music! - sadical

45 When acting out a scene you don't like with a friend/sibling
46 When you look like a hungry zombie at school because you are tired
47 When females cry and realized they have makeup and look like a panda

That’s why I don't wear makeup. - sadical

48 When a guy gets a text saying he's a bridesmaid
49 Watching Dora at the age of 100

Eh, I'd be grateful to be alive at that age. - Entranced98

50 Spilling food all over the table at a fancy restaurant
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