Embarrassing Things to Do In Public

The Top Ten

1 Peeing on yourself

Well I guess we should wear diapers

That's gross

2 Falling down an escalator

Oh no, if you could not get up in time, you might stop the escalator!

3 Sing "Baby" out loud in a crowd

I've gotten caught singing "Love Somebody," "Young God," "Trouble," "Heaven In Hiding," and "No Tears Left To Cry" in a store. It was embarassing!

4 Purchasing something then find out you don't have enough money

Happens too much - NightJinx

5 Your window rolled down and your father is singing to katy perry
6 Messing up on a big speech
7 Run naked

That would plane scary-mk3421


8 Be seen with justin bieber

This would be the scariest moment ever - lolingdog9000

I would be seen murdering him - TwilightKitsune

9 You walk into something while not paying attention
10 Not flush the toilet after using a public bathroom

Well, at least it's a complete stranger that judges you. - PositronWildhawk

I do it when no one else is in the bathroom - NightJinx

The Newcomers

? Burp out loud

The Contenders

11 Walk with your pants down
12 Act weirdly
13 Farting in store aisle's

I love this list!
I have to admit to doing a little squeaky one in a supermarket and then blamed the wonky trolley wheel! Have you ever smelled one of these things on the bus? Everyone gives each other sneaky disgusted looks! Haha! - Britgirl

14 Loud and annoying children

When I was younger and screamed in a store, my father would just pretend to not know me - NightJinx

How is this an embarrassing thing? - Glirkinsnoff

If the children are yours

15 Knocking things down
16 Be drunk
17 Point at someone and scream that they are the chosen one and then run away.


HAHA - NightJinx

A hahaahah YES

18 Scream for no reason
19 Slapping yourself until you faint
20 Ask the clerk for extra small condoms

This is the most awkward thing evveeerrr

21 Getting arrested


22 Fake an orgasm
23 Pooping your pants
24 Dressing as a rabid uni-squirrel

How was this list literally just created? - HollyRolo

25 Tripping over stuff

I do this a lot.

26 Saying sorry to an inanimate object

I bumped into a car mirror in the parking lot and said sorry. I also said sorry to a stool the same day. What the hayday is wrong with me - NightJinx

27 Breaking an item
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