Top Ten Embarrassing Things That Sometimes Happen While Using Public Toilets

The inspiration for this list came about partly after reading another list and partly due to experience (don't ask. Just...don't ask) If I've missed anything, feel free to add! Please just don't let me think I've gone through any of these embarrassing situations alone.

The Top Ten

1 You start peeing before you reach the bowl
2 You fart while the other cubicle is in use

Actually, this happened to a lady next to me; she let out a squeaky one, then laughed about it, making ME laugh along with her! I never did meet her face-to -face. Haha. - Britgirl

3 You find there is no paper

Um, I guess I have to use my underwear!

Oh, no! I remember once I had to use $5, $10 and $20 dollar bills instead of paper! I was at a wedding, LOL - Metal_Treasure

Lol this would be embaressing - TwilightKitsune

I hatee when that happens and ther is only one square left so you use it.and then move too the next toilet - leafstar

4 The toilet fails to flush after having a #2 and there is a long line, waiting

Yes it's so embarrassing my family and I where going to Japan and we stopped at Melbourne for 8 hrs and I had diarrhea so we went to the closest toilet possible with my mum. i didn't realize I've been in for 40 mins and the cleaner was waiting to clean the toilet. so I rushed to get out only realizing that the toilet wouldn't flush. the cleaner eventually came in and he probs had a hard time! I was only 7 - leafstar

5 You step inside a cubicle without realising it's already occupied

Mate, people should really lock the door. - WheresMyGuitarPick

6 You step out of the toilet without realising you have a long line of paper stuck to your shoe

Don't worry Britgirl, you're not alone, haha - Metal_Treasure

7 You realise you need a #2 just as someone steps into the cubicle next to you
8 You try to suppress a noisy pee and end up doing the exact opposite

This is a odd list but this one is best suited for me to choose. I can't tell you how many times this happens to me the last thing I want to do is make too loud a noise but my body does the opposite - Curti2594

9 After doing a really smelly #2 you come face-to-face with the only other person who was using the toilets at the same time
10 After you sit down, you realise you don't have any sanitary towels or Tampax

Happened to me in school when I was eleven. The school should really have a vending machine instead of having to ask a teacher. - WheresMyGuitarPick

The Contenders

11 Someone of the opposite sex peeks into your cubicle

That's illegal - 2storm

Isn't that illegal - BorisRule

Why would they be in your bathroom though? That's not allowed.

12 Someone bangs the door hard enough it opens

Nah, that'd be worse than embarrassing. - BorisRule

13 You try to play music on your phone though your earbuds and it doesn't work
14 The bathroom is already smelly by someone else’s number two and you step out of your stall right when someone new enters the bathroom

Yeah, happened to me this weekend. I wanted to say “it wasn't meee it was someone else! ” But knew that would sound awkward. So I just let the person assume that I had done the stink. 🤦‍♀️

15 You step inside a stall and find out that the previous occupant did not flush the toilet
16 Even though there's no one else using the other urinals, someone random decides to pick the one next to you

This literally happens to me all the time. - 2storm

17 Someone opens the door when you just got in the stall
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