Top Ten Most Embarrassing Things You Do When You're Alone


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1 Touch Yourself


2 Put Your Mother's Make Up On

My mother is a beautiful lady who neither owns nor needs makeup. But you will not believe how nuts I go with my own makeup when I'm alone. What? Its fun! - keycha1n

My mother doesn't wear make up because she doesn't need it, she is very beautiful.
And I don't uunderstand, why children use such things - Ananya

3 Dress Up Like a Women

Well, I AM a woman! Who admittedly, dresses quite boyish... All the time. Though I do enjoy wearing high heels when I'm alone as well. Afraid I'll trip in public or something! - keycha1n

The reason why I dress up like a woman so I can rob TheTopTens bank... Again. - Delgia2k

4 Sing Out Loud

Lol this is so embarrassing when someone gets into your room (I was singing Welcome to the Family by A7X in my room and then someone came in) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

5 Walk Naked Around the House V 1 Comment
6 Pretend You're Giving an Oscar Speech
7 Kiss Yourself In the Mirror

Byron Watson. Enough said.

8 Pretend You're Being Chased and Hide Under the Blanket
9 Talk to Yourself
10 Sing V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Dance Wildly

Lol I usually start jumping and dancing randomly to music when I'm alone in my room - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

12 Upload Youtube Videos
13 Twerk
14 Pleasure Yourself
15 Fart
16 Play Checkers With Yourself

Nothing wrong with this.. I do this sometimes as well as chess. Although, my reason is for practicing, coming up with a strategy. - KingofPawns

17 Eat Dinner
18 Laugh
19 Cry
20 Read

I had no idea this was so embarrassing.. maybe I should start reading in public and see what reactions I get from people :3 - KingofPawns

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1. Touch Yourself
2. Put Your Mother's Make Up On
3. Dress Up Like a Women
1. Upload Youtube Videos
2. Fart
3. Play Checkers With Yourself
1. Walk Naked Around the House
2. Upload Youtube Videos
3. Twerk



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