Top Ten Embarrassing Things Your Boy / Girlfriend's Parents Could Do When You are Introduced to Them for the First Time

Don't worry people, whatever expectations you have of your boy / girlfriend's parents, it's twice as bad in reality. Muhaha. Good luck....
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1 Sit and stare at you

Me: hi
My boyfriend's parents: hi, it's nice to finally meet you
*conversation goes on*
Me: so, what have you been looking forward to lately?
* I notice my boyfriend's parents are staring at me*
My boyfriend: blah, blah, blah...
*I act really awkward and my boyfriend's parents have made up their mind. That I'm a psycho, and if he stays with me any longer, he'll become a psycho too! And not just any psycho, a homeless psycho, who's is gonna die soon and never be the success they wanted him to be*

You can almost hear their brain ticking away; analysing you, judging you. Or it could be that they just like to look at you...

That comment made me laugh so much!
"Umm..well, er, Sir, you see I love...Wait...gatas...? Did you say...gatas? Whoa geez! Look at the time..."

"We got lotta swamp 'roun' hea, boy. Lotta swamp, lotta gatas. Now wha' COULD ya be a'wanton wit mah lil girl? "

2 Get you involved in a sing-a-long

Yep. I can just imagine having to take my gf to the prom and when I come to pick her up, there’s the awkward meeting of her parents. I would either have a nervous breakdown or be extremely relieved if this happened to me

"They're coming to take me away, haha!
"They're coming to take me away, ho-ho!
"Hee-hee, haha! to the Happy Home
"Where life is beautiful all the time.
"And I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats...
"And they're coming to take me AWAY! Haha! " :~ )

"Oh...knees up Muvva Bran, knees up Muvva Bran...Cam on, love, join in...! "
Don't worry this will only happen if they decide they like you ( you)

I would just change the song to Garden.

3 Drag out baby photos of their beloved son / daughter

One of four things will usually happen. She will tag along and make it worse, get awkward and give a blank stare, or stick up a little for you in a nice way, or just laugh

Mom: "Let me show you my Billy's sonographs. Oh look! See his cute little thing? "
Girlfriend: "Yes, I have. Funny the way some things never change."

I see that in movies all the time! its funny though

Cold, Beege..col...Damn. Just tripped over sumpin';))

4 Fart

Embarrassing, yes, but it's another sign that they like you. It means they're spreading love! Embrace it!

The Chinese just burp. Strange customs over there in Merry Olde

Say that stepped on a walnut/stick

5 Ask about your past relationships and why they failed

"Well, you see, Mr. and Mrs. Dingleberry..."
"That's Winkelberg."
"Whatever. When I get stressed, I have to put my underwear on my head and munch on my toes 'til I feel better. That's how I met your sweet daughter, Cutter..."
"That's Cathy."
"Whatever... down at the Institute for the Very, Very Nervous. This time, it's for keeps. Or until one of us bleeds out."

That comment is so so funny!

The First One I Ever Had Was The Only One I Ever Had I Had My Girlfriend Since I Was 16

6 Invite the neighbours round to have a good old look at you

Mrs. Windelhymer: Coming! Oh, she's a beauty. Good job, Joey.
Boyfriend: Johnny.
Mrs. Windelhymer: Yeah, yeah, Jesse, what's her name?
Girlfriend: My name is-
Mrs. Windelhymer: I asked Jimmy!
Boyfriend: That's Cindy.
Mrs. Windelhymer: Rindy? That's a stupid name.
Girlfriend: It's Cindy.
Mrs. Windelhymer: I'M TALKING TO JOSH, CANDY!
Boyfriend: I'm Johnny, not Josh, and that's Cindy, not Candy.
Mrs. Windelhymer: I know, Jake, her name is Cadence. Now I'm leaving. Mr. Whiskers, and Meow Meow need to be fed.
Girlfriend: Nice neighbors?

7 Tell you to "be safe" *wink wink*
8 Ask you if you have a brother / sister for their son / daughter
9 Wipe your chin for you after soup dribble
10 Ask if you are "in trouble"
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11 Say you can't have a boy/girlfriend
12 Ask if you are having sex
13 Hit you
14 Ask your boyfriend, "when are you going to take my daughter up the aisle?"
15 Yell at you
16 Tell her all the stupid things you have done
17 Accuse you of taking him/her away from them
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