Top Ten Embarrassing Things Your Boy / Girlfriend's Parents Could Do When You are Introduced to Them for the First Time

Don't worry people, whatever expectations you have of your boy / girlfriend's parents, it's twice as bad in reality. Muhaha. Good luck....

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1 Sit and stare at you

You can almost hear their brain ticking away; analysing you, judging you. Or it could be that they just like to look at you... - Britgirl

"We got lotta swamp 'roun' hea, boy. Lotta swamp, lotta gatas. Now wha' COULD ya be a'wanton wit mah lil girl? "

That comment made me laugh so much!
"Umm..well, er, Sir, you see I love...Wait...gatas...? Did you say...gatas? Whoa geez! Look at the time..." - Britgirl

Oh...umm #^.^#...shucks. Ta very much, V :). - Britgirl

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2 Get you involved in a sing-a-long

"Oh...knees up Muvva Bran, knees up Muvva Bran...Cam on, love, join in...! "
Don't worry this will only happen if they decide they like you ( you) - Britgirl

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3 Fart

Embarrassing, yes, but it's another sign that they like you. It means they're spreading love! Embrace it! - Britgirl

The Chinese just burp. Strange customs over there in Merry Olde

4 Drag out baby photos of their beloved son / daughter

Aw, that's okay, Beege. First ya reject a man's music, then ya cast aspersions on how far he can rope a dogie. Might as well be married.

I see that in movies all the time! its funny though - leafstar

Mom: "Let me show you my Billy's sonographs. Oh look! See his cute little thing? "
Girlfriend: "Yes, I have. Funny the way some things never change."

Ah, V, that was before it got into my soul (your music, that is... ;)) You know we could make a happily married couple. You live in one country and I live in another. Perfect! ;). - Britgirl

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5 Ask about your past relationships and why they failed V 2 Comments
6 Ask you if you have a brother / sister for their son / daughter
7 Tell you to "be safe" *wink wink*
8 Invite the neighbours round to have a good old look at you V 1 Comment
9 Ask if you are "in trouble"
10 Wipe your chin for you after soup dribble

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11 Say you can't have a boy/girlfriend
12 Hit you
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