Best Emerica Shoes


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1 The Reynolds Low

These shoes are great but I can not skate low shoes. I get sore ankles after I skate lows. - bakerman13

2 The Reynolds Mids

I love these! Haven't skated the lows though and I really want to try them out!

I love these shoes. They have great ankle support which is great for me. - bakerman13

3 The Westgates

These shoes have a slick, cool design and are great for skating. Yet again I can not skate lows. - bakerman13

I like these the best by far. Awesome look slide feels great. I hate mids so these I like.

4 The Heretic

These shoes have a design which is great for skaters. These shoes are amazingly comfy. - bakerman13

5 The Herman G6

These shoes are great for skating but don't offer a style I enjoy. - bakerman13

6 The Provost

These shoes have a cool, sleek design but don't offer quality like the reynolds or westgates. - bakerman13

7 The Reynolds LX Black Ops

These shoes have the same quality as the Reynolds but they style is my choice. I would still buy these. - bakerman13

8 The Reynolds LX
9 Jinx 2

These shoes are good for skating but not as good as newer models. - bakerman13

10 The Reynolds Cruisers

These shoes come in cool designs and colour ways but are not built for modern day skating. - bakerman13

The Contenders

11 Emerica Hsu

Its pretty good shoes and also it look good as if I'm looking at megan fox

Pretty cool looking shoes never skated them though

12 Emerica The Leo

Best shoes I have ever skated

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