Best Eminem Diss Tracks

The Top Ten

Nail In The Coffin [Benzino Diss]
The Warning [Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Diss]

This is probably the most SAVAGE diss Eminem has ever done!

This diss was just pure greatness. Take that Carey!

Like Toy Soldiers [Ja Rule and Benzino Diss]

Best diss ever - AliciaMae

Kim [Kim Diss]

Like toy soldiers is not even a diss track

Violent. That's all I need to say! - micdanchris

The Sauce [Benzino Diss]

This is most crackin' diss ever!

Cleanin Out My Closet [His Mom Diss]
Killshot (MGK Diss)

Rip mgk - Genesyis

Lyrically the greatest diss track of all time

Girls [DJ Leathel and Fred Durst Diss]
Go to Sleep (Benzino and Ja Rule Diss)

The Contenders

Canibit.h [Canubis Diss]
Bully [Ja Rule Diss]
Hailie's Revenge (Ja Rule Diss)

Should be higher - germshep24

Hail Mary (Ja Rule Diss)
Quitter [Everlast Diss]

Everlasting picks the guitar up and he strums a few notes
He can't rap, or sing, but he wants to do both (haha

Marshall Mathers (Insane Clown Posse Diss)
Seduction (Lil Wayne Diss)
Kill you (Deborah Mathers Diss)
The Real Slim Shady

Not even a diss. - RalphBob

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