Eminem Song Title Ideas

this is a list of song titles that seem just good and songs that i would like to see happen

The Top Ten

1 Rap Machine

This is like another rap god song but better and faster - pocorn

2 Good Guy

So first we got Stan which was in the point of view as stan then bad guy which was the point of view of his little brother how about one in the point of view of eminem - pocorn

3 Bad President

Another trump roast - pocorn

4 Slim vs Marshall

The song is a rap battle between slim shady and Marshall Mathers - pocorn

5 Slim Mathers

A song combining both slim shady and Marshall Mathers - pocorn

6 Roasted

A song where he roast people obviously - pocorn

7 The King

A song explaining how he got he got to be the king of rap - pocorn

8 Shady Land

I don't have any ideas for this one but it's a cool name - pocorn

9 The Killer

Another rap god - pocorn

10 Save My Career

A song to try to get his fan base back - pocorn

The Contenders

11 Are You There

A song asking if he still has fans - pocorn

12 Out of the Dark

Motivational song - pocorn

13 Hellspawn

A slim shady song - pocorn

14 M&M'S

M&m advertisement - pocorn

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