Top Ten Eminem Songs from 1996-1999

This is his 90s music. So "The Real Slim Shady" and others from 2000-now doesn't count.

The Top Ten

1 My Name Is - 1999

This is basically the song that introduced Eminem to everyone. Really, you have to remember the first time you heard this masterpiece. - SlimVeggie

This has been called his day-bew song. It really wasn't but it was a real cool song

2 Murder, Murder - 1997
3 Brain Damage - 1998
4 Rock Bottom - 1999

This is his song where he gets serious about his troubles with money.

5 Role Model - 1999

This is about Slim making fun of "role models" and himself.

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6 Infinite - 1996

This is a song when he got his record deal.

His first single ever.

7 Guilty Conscience - 1999

This was a song where it was dre vs slim. Good vs evil. This was brought back in 2005 when "Curtain Call" was released.

8 Backstabber - 1996

He and Kim got into a fight. The result: Backstabber.

9 My Fault - 1997

Single best song ever

10 If I Had - 1999

This was my 13th favorite Eminem song. This is a sad song though.

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11 As the World Turns As the World Turns
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Top Remixes

1. My Name Is - 1999
2. Murder, Murder - 1997
3. Rock Bottom - 1999
1. My Name Is - 1999
2. Brain Damage - 1998
3. Murder, Murder - 1997



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