Best Eminem Songs (After Encore)

These are the best songs Eminem has made after his dreadful encore album.

The Top Ten

1 Not Afraid

I had to put this on here or people would go insane. I wouldn't call it the modern lose yourself like some people do but it is still a great em track.

God isn't this em's second best song and it's number ten this list is stupid

2 Rap God

Why isn't this at the top of the list? One of his best songs and it is at #8? After the original slim shady, which who sang all of his best songs, it comes rap god. Rap god is great and deserves to be at least in the top 3

Just... the flow...

Oh, and to people who say Eminem isn't a rap god;

There can be more than one god. Eminem is a rap god just like Pac and Biggie (and hopefully kendrick if he keeps it up)

The only song after Recovery that's real rap. Everything else is good, but it isn't what Eminem was all about.

It's one of greatests songs in all rap industry. just listen to that supersonic speed

3 When I'm Gone

Same arguement as headlights.

4 Berzerk

Shut up. I like it. Rick Rubin is amazing.

I frikin love this song

5 No Love

Great Sampling. Wayne actually trys and makes his best verse he'll ever do. Eminem's best verse since Lose Yourself.

6 Beautiful

So emotional, meaningful and inspirational. best song after encore easily.

7 Bad Guy

I think this song should be higher than that of the love game just because people like Lamar change the voice to sympathize more than Eminem

Sequel to 'Stan' that tells the story of Stan's little brother Matt all grown up and seeking vengence. Very dark and mean spirited but excellently crafted.

8 So Far...

Fun song about Em growing old and not getting modern technology.

9 Cold Wind Blows

Should be Top 3 or at least after Love The Way You Lie.

Pretty great

10 Love Game

Great song from em but I think Kendrick is the one who really shines here.

The Contenders

11 Love the Way You Lie

Such an underrated song. #4 at least.

12 Headlights

This isn't Eminem's lyrical best but I have a soft spot for his family tracks.

13 Crack a Bottle

Great song!

14 3 A.M.
15 Legacy

Song about Eminem's childhood and how he began rapping.

16 Space Bound

Better Than No love And Love the Way You Lie

17 So Bad

This is last? This is next best after Almost Famous for best song after Encore.

Very poppy and sexy - Hotheart123

18 So Much Better

There are way too many MMLPII songs here but whatever...

19 Deja Vu
20 Going Through Changes
21 Lucky You
22 Beautiful Pain
23 The Monster
24 Won't Back Down
25 We're Back
26 You're Never Over
27 Stronger Than I Was

It's Better Than Rap God

28 We Made You
29 25 to Life
30 Music Box
31 Careful What You Wish For
32 Forever

Eminem verse is awesome

33 Phenomenal
34 Kings Never Die
35 Cinderella Man
36 White Trash Party
37 Seduction
38 Survival
39 Groundhog Day
40 Brainless
41 Difficult
42 Lighters

It's a great song

43 Fast Lane
44 No Apologies
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1. Beautiful
2. Not Afraid
3. When I'm Gone
1. Not Afraid
2. Rap God
3. The Monster
1. Rap God
2. When I'm Gone
3. Berzerk

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