Top Ten Eminem Songs from Albums with "Eminem", "Marshall Mathers" or "Slim Shady" in the Album Title


The Top Ten

1 Stan Stan
2 Sing for the Moment Sing for the Moment
3 Without Me Without Me
4 The Real Slim Shady

I love this song! Today, I heard it for the first time and it was so good!

He's the real Slim Shady alright.

5 'Till I Collapse
6 The Way I Am
7 Kim
8 Rock Bottom
9 Bad Guy

YES this is one of the best eminem songs of all time

10 '97 Bonnie & Clyde

I prefer the 2017 Bonnie and Clyde. Wouldn’t see the point of living on If one of us died. Got that kind of style everybody try to rip off.

The Contenders

11 Rap God
12 Cleanin Out My Closet - Eminem
13 Under the Influence
14 I'm Back

This song should be on the list along with Criminal and Who Knew

15 Who Knew

Where is this song?

16 My Name Is

The second best

17 Just Don't Give a F***
18 Survival
19 Hailie's Song
20 Lose Yourself
21 I'm Shady

Come on this is fantastic!

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