Top Ten Eminem Songs from Albums with One Word Album Titles


The Top Ten

1 Love the Way You Lie
2 No Love
3 Insane
4 Mockingbird

I'd rank this higher if it wasn't for the last few lines ("And if the bird won't sing and the ring won't shine / Imma break that birdie's neck / I'd go back to the Jeweler who sold it to ya / And make him eat every carat don't f with dad - haha"). Completely destroys the sentimental, heartfelt and vulnerable tone by adding violence and a stupid laughter. But still... no one ever points that out. Am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that such a sweet emotional song ends with a Slim Shady lyric?

As for the rest of the song: wow. This is one of Eminem's greatest and most honest songs. - Martin_Canine

5 Crazy In Love
6 Like Toy Soldiers
7 Encore / Curtains Down
8 Almost Famous
9 Not Afraid

How is this so low?

10 Castle

The Contenders

11 Evil Deeds
12 River
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1. Love the Way You Lie
2. Insane
3. No Love


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