Best Eminem Songs Between Recovery and Marshall Mathers LP 2

2 amazing albums but what are the best out of them well this list is to show you which songs are the best

The Top Ten

1 Not Afraid

This is in my opinion the best out of the two albums the song is about his previous drug addiction

2 No Love

This song is about a kid getting bullied and motivates himself thru Eminem songs it's a great song

3 Rap God

This song has the world record of most words in a song and it has a really fast verse

4 Berzerk

This song samples the beastie boys and some other person I forgot about but it brings back 80's styles

5 Cold Wind Blows
6 Space Bound

This song is about a girl who cheats on her boyfriend and it turns violent really great song

7 Love the Way You Lie

This song is another song about a violent relationship like the song space bound it's an amazing song

Why is dis 8th.

8 Bad Guy

This should be 1

This song is a squeal to his 2000 song Stan it's in the point of view of Stan's little brother Matthew Mitchell it's a really amazing song and I think it's worth a listen

9 Cinderella Man
10 Headlights

This song is a song apologizing to his mother who he roasted a lot in his other songs

The Contenders

11 Legacy

This song deals with struggles Eminem had as a child

12 25 to Life

This song is eminem saying he has a addiction to hip hop it's a great song

13 Seduction
14 Rhyme or Reason
15 Going Through Changes
16 Untitled
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