Best Eminem Songs from the Eminem Show and the Marshall Mathers LP

my 2 favorite Eminem albums some times i can't decide between them

The Top Ten

1 Sing for the Moment

Greatest Eminem song easily

My favorite Eminem song of all time

2 Stan

This song is pure genius in my opinion

3 Without Me

If criminal doesn't count as a slim shady song then this is the best slim shady song

4 'Till I Collapse

Underrated. Most people only know it from the transformers movie.

Easily one of his best, if not his best song of all time. come on, how can it be 6th?

Why is it in eleventh? - speedom

5 The Way I Am

The first verse is my favorite Eminem verse of all time

6 The Real Slim Shady

So will the real slim shady please stand up

7 Criminal

I don't know if this counts as a slim shady song but if it does then it's my favorite slim shady song

8 Kill You

This is a great song that should of probably been on the sslp

9 Business

Great beginning and it rhymes a few words with orange in there

10 Cleanin' Out My Closet

The Contenders

11 White America

A political song

12 Hailie's Song
13 Kim
14 Bitch Please II
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