Best Eminem Songs from Encore and Relapse

encore and relapse are really underrated albums and here are some songs to prove it

The Top Ten

1 Mosh Mosh

This song is a George bush diss and it was amazing I loved everything about the song he made the song so people wouldn't vote for him in the election and so the invasion of Iraq would stop

2 Beautiful Beautiful

This is another song on relapse that I absolutely love

3 Yellow Brick Road Yellow Brick Road

This song has some amazing story telling probably some of the best I've seen from him

4 Careful What You Wish For

This song is really deep and I just love it

5 Like Toy Soldiers

It's impossible to hate this song

6 Deja Vu

I don't know why I like this song so much but I do it's just so catchy

7 One Shot 2 Shot

This song is just amazing Eminem was great and so was d12

8 Crack a Bottle

This song is Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 cent and in my opinion they were all amazing

9 Mockingbird

This was a song to his daughter hailey and it was amazing

10 Evil Deeds

This song is really catchy

The Contenders

11 We Made You

This one is just a slim shady song

12 My Darling

This song is amazing

13 Ass Like That

If you asked me a while ago I would put this at the top but over time I liked it less and I believe I should of put it a lot higher on this list

14 Stay Wide Awake

I don't know what to say about this song but it's just really good

15 Never Enough

This song was amazing Eminem and 50 cent was amazing

16 Just Lose It

This song was a song dissing Michael Jackson he says he isn't in the song but he obviously was

17 Insane

This is a song about his dad raping him I guess

18 3 A.M.

This song recently got a squeal or possibly a prequel I don't know which one it is

19 Crazy In Love

This song is another one that I just like

20 Love You More

This song was removed from the the album and was replaced because it was leaked in 2003

21 Hello

This one is just a slim shady song I think

22 Puke

This one is about how much he hates kim a lot of people hate this song but I love it

23 Medicine Ball

I have no words for this song just that it's good

24 Rain Man

In this song Eminem calls himself the rain man this was one of the songs that replaced love you more and we as Americans

25 Must Be the Ganja

I like this song

26 Bagpipes from Baghdad

This is a good song to just listen to

27 Encore

This was a really amazing song

28 We as Americans

This one was also removed from encore

29 Big Weenie

This song is also really hated but if you hate it I say the song is for you

30 My Mom

good song

31 Elevator

This was on refill and it was just amazing I love refill

32 Spend Some Time


33 Music Box

great song

34 Ricky Ticky Toc
35 My 1st Single

I was going to just not add this song but it was on encore even though it's my least favorite Eminem song of all time

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