Best Eminem Songs from Encore and Relapse

encore and relapse are really underrated albums and here are some songs to prove it

The Top Ten

1 Mosh

This song is a George bush diss and it was amazing I loved everything about the song he made the song so people wouldn't vote for him in the election and so the invasion of Iraq would stop - pocorn

Overrated - Eminemfan1717

2 Yellow Brick Road

This song has some amazing story telling probably some of the best I've seen from him - pocorn

3 Careful What You Wish For

This song is really deep and I just love it - pocorn

4 Beautiful

This is another song on relapse that I absolutely love - pocorn

5 Deja Vu

I don't know why I like this song so much but I do it's just so catchy - pocorn

6 One Shot 2 Shot

This song is just amazing Eminem was great and so was d12 - pocorn

7 Like Toy Soldiers

It's impossible to hate this song - pocorn

8 Crack a Bottle

This song is Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 cent and in my opinion they were all amazing - pocorn

9 Evil Deeds

This song is really catchy - pocorn

10 Stay Wide Awake

I don't know what to say about this song but it's just really good - pocorn

The Contenders

11 We Made You

This one is just a slim shady song - pocorn

12 Mockingbird

This was a song to his daughter hailey and it was amazing - pocorn

13 Never Enough

This song was amazing Eminem and 50 cent was amazing - pocorn

14 Just Lose It

This song was a song dissing Michael Jackson he says he isn't in the song but he obviously was - pocorn

15 Insane

This is a song about his dad raping him I guess - pocorn

16 3 A.M.

This song recently got a squeal or possibly a prequel I don't know which one it is - pocorn

17 Crazy In Love

This song is another one that I just like - pocorn

18 Love You More

This song was removed from the the album and was replaced because it was leaked in 2003 - pocorn

19 Hello

This one is just a slim shady song I think - pocorn

20 Puke

This one is about how much he hates kim a lot of people hate this song but I love it - pocorn

21 Medicine Ball

I have no words for this song just that it's good - pocorn

22 Rain Man

In this song Eminem calls himself the rain man this was one of the songs that replaced love you more and we as Americans - pocorn

23 Must Be the Ganja

I like this song - pocorn

24 Bagpipes from Baghdad

This is a good song to just listen to - pocorn

25 Encore

This was a really amazing song - pocorn

26 My Darling

This song is amazing - pocorn

27 We as Americans

This one was also removed from encore - pocorn

28 Big Weenie

This song is also really hated but if you hate it I say the song is for you - pocorn

29 My Mom

good song - pocorn

30 Elevator

This was on refill and it was just amazing I love refill - pocorn

31 Spend Some Time

good - pocorn

32 Music Box

great song - pocorn

33 Ricky Ticky Toc
34 Ass Like That

If you asked me a while ago I would put this at the top but over time I liked it less and I believe I should of put it a lot higher on this list - pocorn

35 My 1st Single

I was going to just not add this song but it was on encore even though it's my least favorite Eminem song of all time - pocorn

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