Best Eminem Songs from the Slim Shady LP and the Marshall Mathers LP

the slim shady LP was released in 1999 and it was his second studio album released and it pretty much made him popular and the Marshall Mathers LP was released in the 2000 a year after the slim shady lp was released and was arguably his best album and it's his second best album in my personal opinion but these are the best songs between the two albums

The Top Ten

1 Stan

This song is pure genius the lyricism is amazing and it's really raw it's about an obsessed fan of Eminem writing to Eminem but Eminem doesn't write to him back and he goes crazy and kills himself and his pregnant girlfriend but after he does that Eminem write's to him not knowing of what he did and it's just an amazing song - toptendudes

It was you. Damn... - GamingSanx

2 Criminal

This song is my personal favorite Eminem song it also has my favorite Eminem verse which is the first verse of the song he has amazing lyricism it's also really funny and I think you should give it a listen - toptendudes

3 The Way I Am

This song is just amazing no words except amazing his lyrical ability is amazing it also has my second favorite Eminem verse of all time which is the first verse of the song it took me a week to be able to be able to rap that verse it's just an amazing song - toptendudes

4 Rock Bottom

This is the best song on the slim shady LP it is really good it is a really serious song and in my opinion, it's in his top 5 most sad songs because actually, I don't know but still, it's really good and really underrated - toptendudes

5 My Name Is

This is the song that made Eminem popular it's one of his biggest hits ever if you've ever heard of Eminem then you probably heard of this song it's in the top 5 best slim shady songs for me as well so it's a good song that you should really listen to - toptendudes

6 If I Had

This song is hella underrated definitely one of his best I can listen to that song over and over again I use to not think much of it but now I love the song but way to underrated and deserves more love it's really really good and I'm not joking when I say that - toptendudes

7 The Real Slim Shady

This feels like the sequel to my name is it really has the slim shady feel there's at least 1 song like this on ever album Eminem made after the slim shady LP and made before relapse those songs were my name is, the real slim shady, just lose it and we made you - toptendudes

8 Role Model

So just wondering don't you want to grow up to be just like him I think this song is trying to kinda roast role models at the time and he did good the song was an amazing song that I suggest you listen to - toptendudes

9 Kill You

It feels like the Marshall mathers lp has more slim shady then the slim shady lp and this song proves it this song is one of his best sim shady songs he talks about drugs and all that crazy stuff it's a really good song - toptendudes

10 Bad Meets Evil

This is the song that started the bad meets evil duo between Eminem and Royce da 5'9 those two after that have made several songs most notable is the ones on the hell: the sequel album which had only good songs on it and this song was one of the best bad meets evil songs the only one's I would say are better then this one is fast lane and I'm on everything but anyways this is an amazing song - toptendudes

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