Best Eminem Songs that Start with the Letter B

Eminem made a bunch of songs that started with the letter B here's the best ones

The Top Ten

1 Biterphobia

Lyrically this is his best song - pocorn

2 Bully

A ja rule diss - pocorn

3 Beautiful

One of the best songs on relapse - pocorn

4 Business

A really great song on the Eminem show album and the beginning is hilarious - pocorn

5 Brain Damage

A amazing song on the slim shady LP - pocorn

6 Bad Meets Evil

Just a amazing song - pocorn

7 Bagpipes from Baghdad

Not the best on relapse but still amazing - pocorn

8 Big Weenie

A lot of people don't like this song but I think it's fine and it starts with a B - pocorn

9 Backstabber

A great song on eminem's most underrated album - pocorn

10 Bitch Please 2

A good song on the mmlp - pocorn

The Contenders

11 Believe

Song on revival - pocorn

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