Best Eminem Songs with No Slim Shady in Them

Slim Shady is a great persona, but I feel there's a bunch of songs that are better than Slim Shady could ever be.

The Top Ten

1 Sing for the Moment

My favorite Eminem song just because it's great

2 Stan

R.i.p Stan he died in 2000 for being obsessed with eminem

3 Not Afraid

This is a really good song and has a billion views on youtube so it's popular to

4 The Way I Am

I love the lyricism in this song it's amazing and remember you are whatever you say you are

5 Mosh

This song is amazing it is a song to make you stop

6 Lose Yourself

Eminem's most popular song

7 Bad Guy

A sequal to his song stan not as good as stan but still great

8 Infinite

His first song on his debut album

9 Like Toy Soldiers

Great song about his beef with ja rule and those other people

10 Mockingbird

Eminem is sincere in this song, and I respect him for that.

The Contenders

11 Kings Never Die

This one will tell you that kings never die especially eminem

12 Rap God
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