Top Ten Eminem Songs With the Worst Chorus


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1 Rap God

It doesn't have a chorus. It's just a hook.

This has awesome chorus dumbass - venomouskillingmachine

This song has no chorus. The verses just start with the same line. - Brainfck

This was supposed to be a freestyle. That's why the chorus is rarely used. But still a good song. 6/5. - AlphaQ

2 The Monster

Bebe Rexha originally did this one but they gave it to Rihanna. Also Skylar Grey did Love the Way You Lie first. Sad that they trade them in for Rihanna just because she's more famous - 445956

This, Going Through Changes and 25 To Life have the worst choruses.

Rihanna, get out. Now. - spiderskull98

Good chorus

3 Slim Shady

Come on, this chorus is great! It's catchy and has a good beat, it's better than some of his other choruses

4 Not Afraid

Um excuse me, but I love this chorus. It is powerful, and is a symbol of the fact that em is finally sober and ready to turn his life around.

5 Kim
6 Berserk
7 Fack

Sounds like a South Park Orgy. - OriginalVisionary

Worst Eminem sing I ever heard

This should be number one.

It's a South Park orgy!

8 When I'm Gone

The chorus is not bad at all. It gives off an emotional feeling that a lot of people specifically fathers would get about their daughters and how they'll never be forgotten

9 25 to Life

Wow. I hated this chorus so much. I actually saw comments on a different website saying it was "nice". Well, let me tell you that's very far from the truth. "You're Never Over's" chorus wasn't that great either but at least Eminem sang it from his heart. He's just not the greatest singer. The girl who sang this sounded like she was trying to sing like an angel but failed miserably. Should be #1.

Easily number one. This is the most overrated Eminem song ever. The chorus doesn't make sense with the song AT ALL! It isn't sung very well either. Eminem should have just rapped the chorus. It would've been way better. He should've fired the girl singing it.

What even was this?

Oh my God. Whoever sang this chorus should be dragged out onto the street and shot.

10 Love the Way You Lie

Well, it's Rihanna. - DaWyteNight

The Contenders

11 My 1st Single

This song is bad in every way

It's a burp and fart orgy! Should be number one.

...burping and farting - Hotheart123

12 Lose Yourself

What,no.This song is amazing.-DarkBoi-X

"Lose yourself has a bad chorus"

Good one

13 Mockingbird

Badly written but beautifully sung. - Brainfck

14 Offended

This song is great but the encore-like chorus is horrible and it ruins the energy in this dope ass song!

To all the bitches that voted for Lose Yourself.

15 Legacy
16 You're Never Over
17 Crack a Bottle
18 Fall
19 Rain Man
20 3 A.M.
21 Just Lose It
22 My Mom
23 Survival
24 Stronger Then I Was


25 Cold Wind Blows
26 On Fire
27 Stan
28 Love Game
29 No Return
30 Forgot About Dre
31 Criminal
32 Kill You
33 Marshall Mathers
34 Cleanin' Out My Closet
35 Berzerk - Eminem
36 Going Through Changes

Tf was this garbage? How do you ruin such a sad song with this trash hook? The beat didn’t help either.

37 Need Me
38 Venom

I mean, if this chorus isn’t one of his most laughably bad, tell me what is - DCfnaf

39 No Love
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