Top Ten Eminem Songs With the Worst Chorus


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1 Rap God

This has awesome chorus dumbass - venomouskillingmachine

This song has no chorus. The verses just start with the same line. - Brainfck

This was supposed to be a freestyle. That's why the chorus is rarely used. But still a good song. 6/5. - AlphaQ

2 The Monster V 2 Comments
3 Slim Shady

Come on, this chorus is great! It's catchy and has a good beat, it's better than some of his other choruses

4 Berserk
5 Not Afraid

Um excuse me, but I love this chorus. It is powerful, and is a symbol of the fact that em is finally sober and ready to turn his life around.

6 Kim
7 When I'm Gone

The chorus is not bad at all. It gives off an emotional feeling that a lot of people specifically fathers would get about their daughters and how they'll never be forgotten

8 Lose Yourself

"Lose yourself has a bad chorus"

Good one

9 Mockingbird

Badly written but beautifully sung. - Brainfck

10 Fack V 3 Comments

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? 25 to Life

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11 My 1st Single V 1 Comment
12 You're Never Over
13 Rain Man

This actually has a sober chorus, people just think it's silly because of the way he sings it. - WonkeyDude98

14 Love the Way You Lie
15 Legacy
16 Crack a Bottle
17 Just Lose It
18 My Mom
19 3 A.M.
20 Survival
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1. Crack a Bottle
2. Just Lose It
3. Legacy
1. Rap God
2. Slim Shady
3. The Monster
1. Rap God
2. Slim Shady
3. The Monster



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