A Badly Done Analysis Of Eminem's Rap God Music Video

Eminem, everyone's favourite rapper after Tupac died. You know, the only way to make Eminem even more enjoyable is to listen to his songs while eating M&M. I want you to think about that, eating M&Ms whiles listening to Eminem.

And now we got Rap God, everyones favourite rap song after all the crap that went in the toilet that is called "radio." It goes to all his fanboys/gangster/12 year old chavs that think they're all cool with their baggy tracksuit so low that their pants are exposed and MC'ing down at your local Tesco and Morrisons.

But let's down to it all and start with my faulty programming as I somehow analyse a music video...

It's starts with him, sitting down on a chair as if he's in some evil medical experiment that is strapped to some TV stuff. Obviously, it's the society of couch surfers and the days of television that has taken down more victims than Ebola and Cancer combined. But then it turns out Eminem has some powers of the one like in the movie Chronicles, you know he could have been in a freak accident down in some crowded traffic or mabye he could be the lost Chronicles that the movie was secretly based on.

Some script of the Bibles can be seen for a brief moment, reminding his fans of gangsters and chavs that he's a "Rap God" the God of the Rap Industry full of Satans and druids floating around and that he is the saviour that will conquer the evil and beat the crap outta the beasts, if it weren't for those microphones and the handful if insults involving someone's mum and their own penis.

At some points out of nowhere, he's crowded full of black people, proving once again guys that even he believes the black stereotypes and it would have been only more accurate if they would have a bucket of KFC and a basket ball bouncing around the place. Hey, I've watched Boyz N' The Hood, I know what I mean.

So after all the powers and the evidences to prove that he's God and make even the most atheistic atheist a Christian, what's the secret behind phenomenon? Is it all just some guy pulling Eminem's string, telling him to have some ego... Wait... yes, that's the answer!

He's got some big ego that can't be matched in any boxing match or with any nuke from the dictator himself. It could be something like a ritual with some magical gem to give anyone the skills of almighty and pride into people's veins. Jesus even mentioned Eminem and said he met him, throwing babies as the song "Kim" played and said to him "Stop doing that you bastard!" But only caused Jesus to be crucified.

I really need to get to The X - Files as fast as possible!


Ridiculous how he exploits his ego like so. - PositronWildhawk

The song is not bad but the music video is very strange - bobbythebrony

But I love the song? - visitor

I agree. I've been a rap fan for a very long time, but that song sucked - MusicMovieMinecraftMe