WonkeyDude98 Analysis Ep. 1: No Love

Good evening, and it's time for a new series to as an alternate from my analytical rage series. The concept of the series is kinda lame but I think it is valuable: this is a series where I do a deeper analysis of a song than I do with rages, in exchange for the humor. Now, without further ado, NO LOVE!

So...let's talk Eminem. Everyone remembers how he blew up in 1999. He shocked the world with his sarcasm and crude jokes, and also captivated the minds of everyone. Then, when no one expected him to top it, he ended up doing so in 2000, releasing one of the most breathtakingly emotional albums ever made. Then in 2002 he started to exchange controversy and scattered anger with rage and focused anger.

Then 2004 happened. I'm kinda biased toward Encore because I was born the year it was released, and I'd probably still like it without bias, but I'll speak from a general Eminem fan standpoint. Encore was an atrocity of every level from tracks 7-14 with nonstop wasted beats (ALT), corny, near nonexistent bars (Just Lose It), or just complete nonsense (My 1st Single). It was possibly the worst album made by an above par artist.

Well...for that time. After taking a 5 year hiatus Eminem released Relapse in 2009. My personal opinion of Relapse has been constantly changing for a while, but now I'm firm. As about half of Em's listeners would agree, it was even worse than Encore. More lyrical immaturity, even less humor, and these really obnoxious accents.

Was it the end of Eminem? For a while, it seemed to be. He planned to release his next studio album "Relapse 2", which was met with mixed opinions. Then on Twitter he revealed he completely scrapped the idea and decided to rewrite an entire new album in a year under the name we know as Recovery.

And that brings us to its 3rd single, No Love...ft. Lil Wayne...sampling...What Is Love by Haddaway. It was an interesting combination. Eminem was fresh off his last awful album and Lil Wayne fresh off of...whatever Rebirth was.

We start with Lil Wayne rapping about his life and how you can't knock him down. His wordplay is...mindblowing (Throw dirt on me and grow a wildflower (beginning)....No love lost, no love found (end)) from beginning to end. The only real issue is actually kinda minor: autotune. Meh, better than the Relapse accents.

Then...we get to the chorus. It's honestly one that leaves doubt in one's mind ("Will he be good? Nah") because it is Eminem's. However, his singing is passionate, angry, triumphant, and catchy, and goes ingeniously well with the sample.

The second and final verse leaves even more doubt in one's mind, since the mic is handed to Eminem. However, people were dead wrong if they doubted. He starts off by saying he's never felt better and how he knows the crowd's ready for him. Then he just goes off. Like, my jaw dropped when I heard the verse. The syllables flow together perfectly, the rhymes link into each other inhumanly well, and his flow and wordplay were almost unbelievable.

My listen forced me to give this a 6 out of 5. No debate. It's better than Talking 2 Myself. Better than Almost Famous. Better than On Fire. Better than Space Bound. Even better than Not Afraid. All of these songs are top 50 in his career, but this song is one that's perfect.

And that's it. I'm WonkeyDude98. My opinion is not liked, but this song is awesome.


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