Not Afraid


Best Eminem song ever! The reason why is probably because this songs inspires people who don't have anything or anyone to help them with there tough lives. A lot of people are following their dreams on this world and people will always tell them they can't do it. An example is what I go through everyday as a white kid pursuing the rap career, people tell me I can't rap because I'm white and white people are not supposed to be rapping but I follow my dreams. This song has helped me follow my dreams countless times. Especially when I'm feeling down and I feel like "white trash" because people including my family call me that but when I play this song I can't describe the emotion I feel because it helps me go through all the obstacles in my way and follow the right path of my dreams.

Nice Song Eminem Is Best Rapper In The World I Love Him Very Much
This Song Must Be In 1st This Is So Meaningful Song Awesome Song That I Have Ever Seen

Love You Eminem

Quite many people hate on this song because they think Eminem is trying to make a meaning of this song, but hasn't but simply he has! The meaning of this song is to never give up and keep fighting 'till you drop and if you dropped and haven't achieved your dream get back up and carry on fighting, the lyrical genius is amazing and some of those mindblowing lyrics flow beautifully together to make a supreme verse leading into the beat making an amazing statement. - EMIN3M

While not Eminem's best (not even the best off of his 2010 comeback epic that was Recovery), it has a fun beat, powerful lyrics and a message. It's better than his last attempts at getting back to fame (*cough* We Made You *cough*). All in all, this song deserves its place, due to me not being able to criticize Em in the least. He's helped me get through my heroin addiction, depression, and he helped save me. Without him, I would be dead, or in prison. Thank you, Marshall.

Best song I've ever heard, should be #1, Very inspirational, Eminem truly is the "god" of rap.

perfect song, perfect music, perfect video, perfect rapper, just plain perfect. I used to like songs such as "Lose Yourself" but as soon as Not Afraid(recovery) came out, it immediately became my all time favorite

I felt a conection with this song and I made me more confident. I don't do it well at school, or life. And this song made me more... I can't actually describe it, but I get a good rush from this song and it feels like I se everything more clearly (eksept from my spelling as you might se) and it made me think about the most important life qualities, like respect, honesty, faith, hope. And I hope I am not the only one (even tough I always has been) who managed to get more out of life than you should. Everyone need it, it can happen from everything, a person, a word, a song. And I know I didn't deserve it, but life feels more like it is worth living.

This songs is the best I never like the rap before but with song...
i don't have words to explain how this song give strengh, inspiration and many emotions
Eminem give his soul in this song for the truly fans
Eminem Not Afraid FOREVER!

This song is amazing for everyone, just don't be around parents listening to this in full speaker, I did tough, cause I'm NOT AFRAID! This song will get you up from down, scared to paired

This is the song that gives me inspiration, when I fall down. It gives me belief and self confidence. If there is one person who really changed me into a top model from a drug addict, its U. Eminem. The best guy I know. This song was a light for me, when I drowned in the dark. Thank you Eminem. I love you... Katy Brandon.

Choosing out of all the Eminem songs is almost impossible.
But Not Afraid is my personal favorite as it was the rap song that made me find EMINEM. Whilst I listen to this song it takes me to a whole other world, making me feel like I'm king, only to be disappointed when the song ends :/. This song is always there for me when I'm down

On a personal note, this song helped me so much whenever I'm feeling down. This song sums up everything about overcoming whatever that's stopping you at any point of life. The last verse especially on the last few sentences, I even set it as my ringtone

PS: Can I like vote for Eminem instead of his songs? It doesn't matter which song it is as long as its Eminem's, I'd love it!

For me best song ever, I'm listening something about 18923821830 times, I really love it so much. So much inspiration for life, for everything. When I hear it, this perfect song remind me that I AM NOT AFRAID. TO TAKE A STAND EVERYBODY COME TAKE MY HAND WE'LL WALK THIS ROAD TOGETHER THROUGH THE STORM WHATEVER WEATHER COLD OR WARM LET YOU KNOW THAT YOU'RE NOT ALONE HOLLA IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'VE BEEN DOWN THE SAME ROAD! And I always think NEVER GIVE UP. THANKS Marshal you are the best!

I have listened to this song so many times! This is also probably the most inspiring song ever, he tells how he was not afraid to take a stand against his addiction (if you don't no, this was about his addiction to pain killer) this really is the best song of all time!

Well I am not afraid to shut you all voters for not voting this for top song... This is crazy it is better than lose yourself... Guys please vote it again... This is best song... Emotion with aggression...

Not Afraid is the best Eminem Song and the best rap song in the whole universe it must be at no. 1 When I heard this for the first time I could feel the power inside me. Not lying I could fight ten guys alone after listening to this song it has so much of power!

Best Eminem song of all time... is in love with this song... Awesome!.. Eminem king of rap!... I can't understand why lose yourself is on top.. Not afraid deservers to be on top... This is the song that give you goosebumps when you hear it! Simply outstanding

Its time for Not Afraid... so friends I know you are not afraid to vote for this item, Best song ever and deserves the first position and I do believe 2nd position is for Lose Yourself obviously...

Not Afraid is one of Eminem's greatest songs. The lyrics speak to the listener. It's allowing those who are going through tough times to realize that there's always a ray of hope. Over all this song is just amazing!

The son's lyrics are by far the best out of any other one of his songs, they can relate to real life and they make you feel exactly how he felt whilst writing the song.. TRULY AMAZING EFFORT HERE MARSHALL!

This song really something.. You know, when first time I hear this song, I feel like ready to take on the whole universe ALONE.. Cause' I'm NOT AFRAID

A very inspiring.. song!.. Ignites the soul of even The most sluggish person in the world... Its an epic... and everlasting song which stays young and alive forever

This song is really inspiring. At one point in my life I liked lose yourself better. Now that Not Afraid came out it tells you that you can overcome anything. This song is the best song by Eminem, and one of the best of all time.

Recovery is the best album Eminem made. I think Eminem has better like without me, and you can sort of call lighters or welcome 2 detroit city a Eminem song.

Well its the best song of recovery album and of all of time too! It really has a good meaning for me and maybe not just for me! Also all of shady's fan and I'm one of the of course and that eminem's best song every since he started singing

Super song. Give you courage to get up from a bad moment. This song is like a companion and for those who feels alone and scared. Super song from eminem and hope he continues to sing like this to give courage to those who needs it.