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181 Warplayer
182 Hello

For some reason I really love this one from Em

183 I Remember

Song about Everlast, was always one of my favourites back in the day. Don't know what it was off. I've put this song in my top 30 eminem songs - defmay

184 Say What U Say

Amateurs drink veteran piss from a dixie cup. Canibus dissed Em on almost all of his songs in the early 2000s and Em only dissed him on a line or two here and there. It's funny how Eminem blew up but Canibus hardly got noticed. I think his rhymes where just too complicated for the simple mind. It's too bad. Canibus could have been big if he just let that beef go.

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185 Jimmy Crack Corn

This is the best song from the Re-Up in my opinion.

186 Never 2 Far

His best song, and you can't argue. It should be at least in the top 3

187 Off the Wall
188 Chemical Warfare
189 Nail In the Coffin

Equally as good or better than The Sauce. should be higher

Nail in the coffin is the best diss ever

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190 Twisted

My favourite song, Eminem and skylar have such great chemistry

Skylar Grey and Eminem together are incredible, and no one can change my mind. - WonkeyDude98

Best song on Shady VX and nobody can say the opposite. Eminem is back at his high level guys!


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191 Canibitch

This song needs to be more known

192 Living Proof
193 Here Comes the Weekend
194 G.O.A.T.
195 Psycho V 1 Comment
196 Tonite
197 Fallin

Its a good song. Its lyrics is good. It should be at top 10

198 Desperation V 1 Comment
199 Don't Front
200 Hailies Revenge (Do Rae Me)

Are you kidding? Only 207. This is one of the best diss tracks of all time

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