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221 Puke

This song is amazing. It needs to be on here no matter what.. If it doesn't I will die.

What a song..! This should be in top 10... :(

It's a bad song. - Hotheart123

Puke. that's a funny word - defmay

222 Ass Like That

Coolest song of Eminem... Probably the best one of all his songs... This one must actually be in the top 10 list

Deserved to b in Slim's top 20. What a rap..! By the gr8st rapper ever..!

Haha. Wow. Did you all see that. This song is on 219. Such a great song on 219. I can't stop laughing.

Terrible song

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223 Bagpipes from Baghdad

How could you not put this on the list! This should be in the top 25 AT LEAST! This is the greatest diss song of all time and it isn't even on the damn list!

118? For me its second! Can't bear this, what a list? It's easily top 10! Please, must be at least on top 50! THIS IS NOT A LIST THAT A PERSON CAN BELIEVE

This song is lyrically awesome. Nearly every word has a rhyme to go along with it. Every syllable

Litterally looked through the whole list to find this...and its 297?! that's filthy!

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224 Rain Man

Good song definitely one my favorite songs by Eminem

225 Don't Push Me

A great collaboration with both Eminem and 50 Cent. It may not be one of his most well known tracks, but I think that it is one of his best and is just seriously underrated.

226 Any Man
227 My 1st Single

Brilliant Song

228 Roman's Revenge

Yes a lot of people don't like nicki minaj but you cannot that these two killed it. Eminem especially. This should be higher in my opinion

The beat was awful, but Shady's verse was dope. Nicki Minaj was also great! So underrated :<

229 W.E.G.O.
230 It's Ok
231 Maxine
232 Open Mic


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233 Searchin
234 Jealousy Woes II
235 Gatman and Robin
236 Fight Music

Are you people kidding me? Fight Music is so beast! It has a killer beat and great lyrics that will pump you up. I play rugby and this song inspires me to beat the crap out of my opponents.

Wow to think that this song could be below the top 50 and I see it at 125 absolutely blows my mind. This is the best song on devils night and deserves top 30

Well, technically this is d12

This should be 50-0 because this is on the top 5 d12 tracks

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237 Hello, Good Morning
238 Numb
239 Symphony In H
240 Scary Movies

Bad meets evil is always sick yo!

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