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261 My Mom My Mom

Really great song and shows emotion in a unique way! Is really underrated and needs more hits, if it was released tomorrow, I would buy it every time!

Catchy and funny. Classic Eminem - 8gerrard8

I love this song, because of its uniqueness that Eminem has in his raps

His mom sued him for this song and its really good song - FerrariDude64

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262 Puke Puke

This song is amazing. It needs to be on here no matter what.. If it doesn't I will die.

What a song..! This should be in top 10... :(

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263 Old Time's Sake Old Time's Sake

This song is Eminem and Dre at there best. Such a catchy beat.

This song should at least be under top 30

264 Bagpipes From Baghdad Bagpipes From Baghdad

How could you not put this on the list! This should be in the top 25 AT LEAST! This is the greatest diss song of all time and it isn't even on the damn list!

118? For me its second! Can't bear this, what a list? It's easily top 10! Please, must be at least on top 50! THIS IS NOT A LIST THAT A PERSON CAN BELIEVE

This song is lyrically awesome. Nearly every word has a rhyme to go along with it. Every syllable

This is so good

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265 We As Americans We As Americans

eminem lipping evry1 rght frm d gvrmnt 2 the police... must hear - masterofpuppets16693

Oh my god, this is a masterpiece. The beat, the vocals, the meaning behind it, everything just flows perfectly. I think this is so under-rated and unheard of that its crazy.

The police put him on their radar because of this song. Eminem. Epic - burningninja06

266 Kings Never Die

I never even knew people thought he wasn't as good. HE'S STILL AMAZING! - dipperpinesfangirl618

Way better than most of the songs down here

But he has dissed no doubt before in his music!

Are you people crazy
This has Eminem's flow at one of it's best!
Four driving rap verses that lashes at the ones who think he'll retire but he won't cause he's a king
This Is one of the best Eminem songs in his recent years
It has a complex rhyme scheme,an exceptional flow,an awesome rap rock beat and a killer hook from Gwen Stefani
Please this one deserves it's spot up there with Lose Yourself,Rap God and Till I Colapse
This song is really really good
People who put this one down here obviously never heard this song
I heard it for the first time and I was blown away cause I don't think that Eminem could still be this good but he still is!
Listen to this song and I swear you would want this in the top ten!

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267 Numb Numb
268 Drips Drips

No one ever heard about this song? No-one at all? Come on guys. Of the old school songs - ahmedsalama

Obie is genuinely hilarious in this song without even knowing, and Em brings his own "tragic", yet cohesive story to the table. And the beat is phenomenal. - SwagFlicks

Great beat, can't get it out of my head

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269 My 1st Single My 1st Single
270 Roman's Revenge Roman's Revenge

Yes a lot of people don't like nicki minaj but you cannot that these two killed it. Eminem especially. This should be higher in my opinion

The beat was awful, but Shady's verse was dope. Nicki Minaj was also great! So underrated :<

271 Rain Man Rain Man

Good song definitely one my favorite songs by Eminem

272 Fack Fack

His flexibility with lyrics are you stupid its just straight up disgusting and requires no lyrical talent it does not have even have a decent beat

Eminem needs to release more music, this definitely doesn't belong in the top 300

Right where it should be. And thank god.

I jack off to this song - thebaconman219

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