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21 Bad Guy

This song is by far the best on MMLP2, even above Headlights or any of his singles. This sequel to Stan is incredible. Amazing beat. Amazing lyrics. And the fourth verse is one of the best rap verses of all time, if not the best. This song deserves to be right below Lose Yourself in these standings!

"Headlights or any of the singles" Headlights is a single. Anyway yeah I agree with that comment entirely. - WonkeyDude98

This is possibly the most distinct song on the album. It starts off with weak, somewhat forced rhymes and delivery. However, that was one of the most clever moves Eminem has ever done because it is to show that Matthew (Stan's brother in the song Stan) is not an expert at rapping, and then suddenly there are a ton of callbacks that work (such as a line containing the "I hope you hear it" from Stan), and my personal favorite callback is the one picking up where the last song on the MMLP, Criminal, left off, making sense as it is the first song off of the MMLP2.

And then it changes entirely...

The instrumentation is heavier and more dramatic, Eminem's voice is rougher, and Matthew has become a figure of Eminem's imagination and he reveals Eminem's biggest fears, mainly with karma biting him back for his lyrics. This verse is so impactful, powerful, and well thought out, it has drastic replay value, and I will go as far to say it is the best verse in all of rap.

My ...more - WonkeyDude98

Amazing flow, genius lyrics, and awesome story.

This is the best Eminem song ever

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22 Role Model

What the heck?! This is easily one of top 5! The video is also fantastic, the lyrics are funny and it's actually a very catchy song!

Well, don't YOU want to grow up to be just like me?
- Mushroom99

Should be higher up this song is awesome

THis list is ridiculous, all you damn pop fans are ruining it. Can't believe I had to scroll down to number 23 to find one song from the shady lp.

My favourite Eminem song still

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23 Guilty Conscience

This is the best song ever! I love how Dr. Dre is like the angel conscience, and Slim is the devil conscience! It's great how they tried to outdo each other. Great!

I could not believe myself when I saw this song so far down it should be in the top 5 for sure. Both dr dre and Eminem do great.

This is supposed to be way higher!
Guilty conscience is like the best collaboration of slim and dre.
I love the way the song tells the stories of 3 men, and how their counterparting consciences come into being. I especially like the last stanza.
This song is just to awesome to be at 47!

Funny song, and an enjoyable listen. - benjigoo

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24 White America

Really? 47th? Wow people listen to a good Eminem song this is terribly low why doesn't anybody actually listen to a good number of Eminem songs before they vote on this messed up list?!?!

White America! Woo! Elaborates his country's mistakes and dumpings! Really should be at the top 20 songs!

Look At These Eyes Baby...!
One Of The Most Energetically Made Eminem's song

White America!

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25 I Need a Doctor

One of the few rap songs that actually conveys a good message--a song about a friendship. Eminem's verses are heartwarming and Dre's verse is just absolutely bad ass.

Skylar grey's part is great and dre in the end make it a song to remember

This song was so great. I like eminem sing his fast rap. With skylar grey sweet voice, and dr dre sing his rap.


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26 Forgot About Dre

this song should enter in the top 10 defenetly...
Swap it for Love the way you lie or not afriad...
This song is one of the songs that gave eminem the fame he has!

This made him how is it not in the top 10 I love his older stuff better yes this should be number 1!

Wow all I have to say! This is top three easy! Come on people this is one of Eminems great songs. Come on

This song can lit up fire, how come it's 25?

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27 Rabbit Run

This song is right behind Lose Yourself. The Beat is awesome, the lyrics are legendary, as usual, and its very underrated. Eminem at his finest.

This song is so amazing and underrated! It is one of Eminem's greatest hits! It has great lyrics and a mad beat!

Awesome beats... awesome lyrics... awesome flow... this must have been a lot higher at least above the recovery songs...

When you think about Lose yourself its talking about seize the moment and take every opportunity while 8mile gives back story yellow brick road vibe and things around

while RABBIT RUN how bada** pumped you great sample and great lyrics

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28 Just Don't Give a F***

This is one of shadys best songs
how can it not be in 5
originally of the slim shady EP
Eminem is The greatest Rapper Ever

So much better than anything from Recovery, this is top 5 material. Has the best punchlines in any Eminem song.

One of the most lyrically brilliant and best flowing songs out there, from the hands down best (and probably smartest) rapper out there. This is Em at the top of his game, no doubt

Killer beat, killer verses, a true classic. Slim Shady at its peak, easily his best song ever

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29 Headlights

No song like this. This is incredible. It is catchy, soulful and mesmerizing. The way Marshall Mathers can weave words together like this is extraordinary. The way he forgives and apologizes to his mother is great. My favourite song.

Superb lyrics.em apologies to his mother very emotional

His best song ever in my opinion. He touched my heart with this song, forgiving his mom and saying that he loves her no matter what happened in the past made me cry. Also Nate Ruess with his amazing voice made this song even better. So much emotions put in this song.

Nothing could beat this. EMINEM FOREVER. LOVE YOU EMINEM. This song is just unbelievable.

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30 25 to Life

One of eminem's best songs. Great verses and shows a lot of emotion behind it, he doesn't just rap about money, girls, and drugs, he raps on a deeper level, really gets you thinking.

it's a wonderful song the instruments rhyme perfectly with eminem and the co-vocalist has a great talent. PLUS THE WONDERFUL LYRICS. That's all crap who is the singer at the beginning of the song

Shows great emotion between em and the business as a conflicting relation through some of his best lyrics which make it a truly great song

This is superb song!

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31 Criminal

Should be in the top 5 at least same with forgot about dre. It's better than anything from recovery, just listen to the hilarious lyrics and his awesome flow. Listen to some real Eminem songs before you vote on some piece you heard on the pop charts

One of his greatest songs ever! This song should definitely be in the top five! Nobody listens to his old stuff anymore. That is when he poured out all he had in the rap game.

Great song should be around 14 th, better than without me in my opinion and I've loved em from the start

top 3 - defmay

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32 Hailie's Song

So my favorite Eminem's song lies at 23... That's a shame, I don't know how this is eve possible that this song is not in top 10! Such a beautiful rap with amazing and I mean amazing chorus, a must, must listen!

Great song from a dad to his child

This song do need some credit

"Awesome lyrics and beautifully executed"

Why is this not in the top 10? The amount of meaning and passion definitely reserves a spot for this masterpiece.

A bit overrated. - defmay

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33 Marshall Mathers

Should be at least top10. Much better than not Afraid and love the way you lie. Tells the story of what happened after he became famous. Must listen to song

One of the greatest songs ever made! A definite top ten contender

Underrated, one of his best songs, w/ witty remarks too. Should be at least top 15

Easily in the top 10 eminem songs - defmay

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34 I'm Back

Yo this is true stuff he is rapping about man. This is like his most passionate song on the whole Marshall Mathers LP cd

I murder a rhyme/one word at a time/you've never seen a mind/as perverted as mine. Sit the hell down.

This was the best song he has ever made in my opinion

I put this at no. 1 but it was a tough choice out of this Criminal and Marshall Mathers - defmay

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35 Renegade

"See I'm a poet to some/A regular/ Modern day Shakespeare/ Jesus Christ the
King of these Latter Day Saints here/ To shatter the picture In which of that As they paint me/ As a monger of hate and/ Satan a scatter-brained atheist/ But that ain't the case/ See it's a matter of taste.. "
This is probably one of the greatest Rap Collaborations ever! Eminem and Jay - Z, a timeless classic!

Absolutely fantastic! You've seen me compliment this song before, so you know why it's a winner. Fantastic song.

How can anyone forget this masterpiece. This song is by the greatest collaboration ever Eminem and Royce the 5'9. Never get bored with this song. Amazing flow and awesome hook... All Eminem fans must listen it...

A rapper featuring on another rapper's album which is a classic and OUTRAPPING HIM?! One of his best

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36 Cinderella Man

Great SOng Absolutely amazing Greathink this is the most inspirational song em has ever made, every line from start to finish is simply awesome and can pump up any one
Hats off 2 him for this one pump up song! Absolutely unstoppable.

How is this song not in the top ten? In my opinion it's the best song from recovery or at least better than not afraid

Guys... Hear this song then vote... This must be in the TOP TEN..!

Technically speaking this is the most complete rap song ever made, beat, flow, direct/indirect rhymes, wordplay. No song can beat Cinderella Man

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37 Superman

why is this so low?! Nothing from Recovery should be above this!

I have listened to this song for a 1000 times at least and this song's lyrics make me go so crazy and sick and forget about my girlfriend and all the pain I have been through.

This song is so good. Definitely my favorite Em song. Should be rated higher.
"They call me Superman, leap tall hoes in a single bound. " so lyrically creative

Wow.. 33... - TwJaGd

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38 Soldier

This song is like a stream of river... Flowing and making it's own way downhill. Intense rapping with meaningful lyrics not just blabber.

Yo this song is real rap why is it in 20's man vote this at least till 15

I loved all of the Eminem show album- especially this, business, without me, square dance, Haley's song... Oh heck the whole album was flawless- but this is one of my personal favourites.

Must be in top 5 pure energy in this song

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39 The Monster

Guys vote for this amazing song the way eminem and rihanna sing it its unique and this song top in chart listen and enjoy this song!

What do you think? , its the king Eminem and Rihanna

1 OF The Best Songs Ever...Gives You The UniqUe FeeLing That Comes From Only Some Of His SOnGz...
A Much Better Chorus By Rihanna This Time...

How can monster be 30? Seriously?

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40 Kill You

Its everything that makes Marshall who he is, all rolled into one song.

This is a wonderful song with a catchy music. One of the best created by Eminem and reflects his quality of music as well as his lyrics.
This song should be at least in top 15.

What? You kidding' me..? Kill you at 52...?
At least in the top 5 man, this song is just an example of awesomeness..!
Guys, please vote..! Get it up!

Easily top 10 material. This is a masterpiece. - defmay

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