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41 8 Mile 8 Mile

Simple music just like stated. It makes this my number one Eminem-drug, shaking my head back and forth whole night. This is cocaine!

Complex lyrics + simple music = fabulous song!
Please consider what just wrote

This song is pure awesomeness and I think that Eminem can greatly express what he feels inside, this song is for proof. It's more than amazing, that's my opinion.

It's for Proof? But Proof was killed in 2006, I thought this song was a part of 8 mile and that means 2002.

This song is really good

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42 Survival Survival

So-good eminem rapping is so awesome of this song and it kills till I collapse he sings it for call of duty ghosts what a song liz also does good part of this song it rocks man

WOW, this is an epic song, definitely should be up in the charts.

Nice song, used in the game call of duty:ghosts!

Why is this damn song so low, we must keep it higher its very awesome, I love this, one of the best songs on MMLP2

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43 Mosh Mosh

amazing song... this song is actually a "pump up" song for me. This brings goosebumps to my skin. I understand where he is coming from, and I can understand his feelings in this song

The fact that this song is THIS low makes me upset. True emotions, probably his best song. And I'm not even American.

Eh his flow is so slow and predictable in this song good message though

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44 Kill You Kill You

Its everything that makes Marshall who he is, all rolled into one song.

This is a wonderful song with a catchy music. One of the best created by Eminem and reflects his quality of music as well as his lyrics.
This song should be at least in top 15.

What? You kidding' me..? Kill you at 52...?
At least in the top 5 man, this song is just an example of awesomeness..!
Guys, please vote..! Get it up!

55? Are you kidding me? Top 10 easily - guitar

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45 My Dad's Gone Crazy My Dad's Gone Crazy

Very underrated song, listen to the lyrics when it gets real dark, they are some of his best.

You guys need to listen to this song. It's great.

This song needs more attention. Everything about it is well done, especially the third verse and the beat. - SwagFlicks

Ass like that is better than this song

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46 Shake That Shake That

Two legends in one song. RIP Nate - GuyYouKnow

Why is this song at number 48...? Under I Need a Doctor...? This song is great. Despite being released only on Curtain Call (Eminem's greatest hits album) this song is near perfect. Eminem's verses are fast but you can make out every word he says. Nate Dogg rides the beat in such a unique and fluid way the way only Nate Dogg could. This song is just fun much more deserving of 48.

We about to have a party... turn the music up

Its so cool man..listen to it

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47 Infinite

This album put Eminem on the map and showed he had the potential to be the artist he is today.

This and any man are probably Em's best songs;
Its sad this is so far down the list, Em's music was so much better then than it is now

His first song. Without this he would be nowhere. All of this pop crap doesn't deserve the credit it gets. I can only name 7 songs on recovery I actually really like. On fire, no love, Cinderella man, cold wind blows, WTP, untitled and won't back down. Nearly everything after encore is warped by popularity. Except for hell: the sequel, that is epic.

That said, I can't think of a single Eminem song I hate. Only five or six I don't like.

Very underrated. This is very good and should have given em fame when he released it

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48 Drug Ballad Drug Ballad

My favorite hands done man. Should be in top 25.

Great beat, better lyrics, Eminem at his best.

Just an amazing song, you can truly just relax and feel the beat and the flow is incredible.

Vote for this suckers let's get it top 20!

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49 Business Business

How can this song be at the bottom
No way. Oh! This is a superb song by Eminem
I love this song very much. The music is amazing and everything is great in this song. Please vote for business.

Had to scroll all the way down here to find this behind crap like love the way I sold out and not afraid of being queer make it to the top 5! Get this sorted people! Vote for the good stuff! - 8gerrard8

Laugh out loud 63 really? I love this song. It has that sort of beat that just makes you want to sing along in the beginning. It deserves to at LEAST be #20 on the list. Vote this song up guys "To the rapmobile, lets go"

Ok seriously? This song has some great verses and a nice beat. In my opinion, it should be way higher in this list and I was honestly surprised at how underrated it is

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50 No Apologies No Apologies

This is lyricism at it's highest potential with great meaning. Very underrated. It's definitely up there with Lose yourself, Stan, Sing For The Moment, Rock Bottom, The Way I Am, Cleaning Out My Closet. Come on lets get this right people!

I love all of his songs, but every time I listen to this.. I know it's my favorite song! He is my definition of lyrical genius!

this song is the greatest song that has ever been made, this was when em was in his prime not saying that he still isn't a good rapper but this is ill

Its disappointing that this awesome Song is so low here, I mean every verse is still killing and the chorus is lit but the ending, the ENDING! I BECAME A ORGASM

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51 Forever Forever

Haha Eminem killed those other rappers

I only liked west and em verse the rest was nothing

Em was okay on this the others were just trash

Drake was just ok, Kanye was decent, Lil Wayne sucked, Em blew them all away. Basically, this song would be near garbage if it wasn't for Eminem.

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52 Still Don't Give a F*** Still Don't Give a F***

Are you kidding me! How is this song 112th! This song is in my top ten. Come on guys your better than that.

An incredible song, if you heard that song you can't say that em is a worse rapper who is only doing pop songs. This is rap music at its best!

What?! 43! Lower than just don't give f**k!
You kidding me! This deserves top 5

Lol this song is in my top 3 come on now

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53 3am 3am

Lyrical masterpiece better then anything on recovery

This song should be in at least top 15!
Common guys lets vote! This song is purely underrated! It should be in the top 20's! This one

What is this doing down here? Should be in top ten without doubt.

This is one of those many songs on Recovery that just feel forced... Like he's trying too hard

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54 Brain Damage Brain Damage

One of Eminem's greatest songs! Why this isn't even in his top 135 songs I do not know! He shows great emotion in this song about how he got bullied as a kid, it must be hard for little Em! This is an amazing song! :-)

Brain damage is Eminem's most underrated songs

How is this only number 64? Definitely deserves to be in the top 20. Come on people ya gotta vote!

Speachless. This song does not deserve to be here. But people only listen to his new music. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised..

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55 Going Through Changes Going Through Changes

Great beat and rhythm. Should definitely be in the top 20 at least.

I love the whole album though but this song which I want to point out should come up at least to 25th position... Please vote it up... Thanks

Good song. You get a vibe that you get from no other song by him

Awesome lyrics from rap god #eminem

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56 Won't Back Down Won't Back Down

I can not believe that this song is not at least in the top 25. This is song is better than Love the way you Lie. This is the second best song on the entire recovery album, second to not afraid.

It pumps me up every time I hear this song... Should be in top 20... Please vote guyss

This is the only Eminem song I know because it is on black ops map five when yo activate the 3 red phones yo!

I love this song! Besides till I collapse and not afraid this is ems best pump up song! Should in top ten!

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57 Legacy

"I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky was falling"

This song illustrates a young and bullied Eminem that builds his confidence on his skill with words to break free of the world he knew and rise to fame. Really a great song. Probably my favorite on the mmlp2.

This deserves to be in the top 10, it is new, so it needs to be heard more, but the lyrics are genius, beat is catchy, female vocalist is excellent!

Oh heck, guys... this is TOTALLY his best song. It's like Stan/When I'm Gone but stripped back and with some better rapping. it's got a great affect.

More people need to hear this song

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58 Stimulate

Apparently people are easily swayed by catchy producing and less by genius. Not saying that all the Recovery-songs at the top end of this ranking are low quality. Hardly any of Em's is; rhymes, content, flow, visual imagery, scene-setting or even catchy producing there's always a reason to really like a song.
For me 'best' means 'good in every aspect, in a way that makes that song a whole, in which every single word or sound is right where it should be. '
Songs like this one, Renegades, Way I am, Rabbit Run, White America, Emulate are Em at his best in my opinion.

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59 My Band My Band

Eminem has better songs than "My Band" but you can't deny the genius within the album and within the song itself. Excellent to hear, brilliant rapping and it should definitely be higher than 57th place (on the 15th of september 2013) as its better than songs such as "Love the way you lie" which holds 8th place.

One of the funniest songs I've ever heard. Pure comedy.

I combined two D12 songs here, as that was Eminem's group until Proof's death (RIP). My Band is hilarious with a nice hook, good verses... but Bizarre hands down kills the track with his hilariousness at the end (don't forget Eminem's salsa also! ). How Come is more serious, but Proof's verse is thrilling and Eminem's chorus top off this great D12 song.

I love that song! - kennywhite

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60 Kim Kim

This may not be Eminem's best song. But you can hear his emotion being poured out. It should really be much higher than 29.

Best Song Ever made. The only reason it isn't higher is because of these punks who started liking eminem at relapse.

I think it's safe to say this is Eminem's most controversial and violent song. But what I admire about it is that it goes into depth of what was on Marshall's mind when he saw Kim cheating on him and how much it hurt him. Kim got what she deserved with that song. Hearing that song, as insulting as it is to her, she had to realize that SHE caused that kind of pain reflected in the song. Sure, Em cheated on Kim once, but at least he owned up to it, and he wasn't fully grown; he was just being young and dumb. A lot of people criticize Marshall for making this song, but put yourself in his position: You work hard for your fame, which started off from nothing, you earn the money to support your family, and how does your wife repay you? By cheating on you. I would've been this mad if something like that happened to me too.

It's very raw and emotional to say the least.

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