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81 Buffalo Bill

The rhymes are perfect

Such amazing lyrics one of my favorite bonus CD songs

The flow is destroying

82 Airplanes, Pt. 2

Should be in top 10..
Listen It If You Are A true Fan Of him..
Love You Marshall.. You Rocks!

A butiful contribution from EM 2 halie
Dj. Demon

His verse is probably one of the best he made

The Best of Eminem

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83 Welcome 2 Hell

Best song from hell: the sequel

This one is just too awesome...!
amazing rap... One of Eminem's best...!
it should be in top 20...

Come on how the hell did yall forget this!

84 Smack That

Both were my favorite songs for a bit. Smack That with Akon was a great song because of Akon's catchy Hook/Pre-Hook and Eminem's rap. Till' I Collapse feat. Nate Dogg (RIP) was one of his best songs due to being a pump up song and Nate's great hook. These come in at a tie at #10. HONORABLE MENTIONS: I Need A Doctor, Space Bound, Cinderella Man, The Real Slim Shady, Like Toy Soldiers, Elevator

Superb song of both king of pop AKON and king of rap EMINEM

Akon is my most favorite singer after Michael Jackson and now since I started hearing songs of Eminem I become his fan too. thank you all three for making such songs for us. for me rank 1-Michael Jackson. rank 2-Akon. rank 3-Eminem. i think Eminem is also a fan of these singers.. thanks to read it.

Good song

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85 Seduction

This is easily the best song on recovery. Not Afraid and No Love don't even compare with it. Eminem's old songs are still better but this is the closest yet. - lnsc10

81! It should be 1!

Best song on recovery.

I thought the production didn't match his lyrics

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86 Untitled
87 Careful What You Wish For

Great beat, great meanings = Brilliant song!
This should really be up there in top 20 at least!
You can just sit back and listen to it on repeat for hours!

This song is really underrated and should be higher but I understand why its rated so low

This song is graet and should be top 15 at least. The meaning of this song is clear and so true, just couldn't believe the song is at 59?!

Insanely underrated song, that most people have probably never heard. Look it up. Please. It's on iTunes from Relapse: Refill. On CD it was only released on special edition copies of Relapse along with My Darling. More people need to know this powerful song. Even the intro gives you chills. Not even one F word. 5 S words and the H word, not even used in a bad way.

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88 My Darling

Listen to the lyrics, they make a lot of sense and mean a lot more than love the way you lie and crap like that.

This song goes hard! Definitely should be a lot higher! Too low in the list for anyone to see this song on the list! Vote this song up! ASAP

One of my all-time favourite Eminem songs!

My Darling is his best song.

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89 Beautiful Pain

Amazing and incredibly underrated. Eminem and Sia do such a beautiful job!

He should make more songs like this. It interests me more than those odd slim shady songs.

Should be on top 3 with Not afraid (1) and Lose yourself (3)!

Please vote it for at least top10

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90 Under the Influence

How is this NOT at least on the top 60? This is probably the best Eminem song in the world, We really need to put this HIGHER on the list except down on puny page 2... It's stupid.

This is Em�'s best song of all time! Two pills I pop, 'til my pupils swell up like two pennies.
I'm Clint Eastwood in his mid-twenties. Fantastic

It's really good this went past page 2, Good beat, good flow, SUPER verses, got me into rap, Eminem and D12 IN THE FIRST PLACE! Good message, Proof's verse was Fantasia, Eminem's verse was Neverland, They all had GOOD VERSES, Even Bizzare and Kon Artis, who can forget Kuniva and Swifty? I love this song, 50/50

HOW IS THIS ONE 73th? This should be easily in top 5 like what?

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91 Bad Meets Evil

It's amazing guys what happen to yo

Amazing song... I just love it, the back and forth stuff with royce is awesome too. Funny lyrics, I don't know why it's down here

Still love it, without it I wouldn't hear Bad Meets Evil

Eminem's best song. Criminally underrated.

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92 Difficult

This song just got to me it pulled my heart strings and I get really sad when he couldn't say casket its just one of those songs that once you hear the lyrics your addicted in fact I'm listening to it now definitely #1 in my list

This song never meant to be released and once you hear it for the first time you know why. So much emotion in the song it's about Eminem's deceased friend Proof, it's sad and he tells a story from when he grew up with him in it too, I just love it

This song is litteralyy amazing. At first I never heard of it but when I did I couldn't stop listening to it for weeks. Eminems emotions poor out during this song about proofs death

Beautiful and hits me really deep.
R.I.P Proof

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93 Drop the World

How is this not higher on the list!? - codyisland

Lil Wayne was way better and I'm an Eminem fan

This song should be in the top 20! It's amazing - Andyandy

This is average

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94 Say Goodbye Hollywood

Why this isn't in the list? It's amazing!

Great song! Requires recognition... Featured in the movie Alpha Dog!

Great song definitely needs to be top 30 at least he rhymes so well with a great beat and chorus better than Elton johns version lol

Deserves top 50, one of my favorites off the eminem show - defmay

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95 Groundhog Day

Not on the list? Really?

How just how is this song not 200+ just how. Its one big one verse lyrical masterpeice. The lyrica and delivery are perfect and he raps about his childhood on it. Guess its downfall is the fact its on the second disc of mmlp2. If you read this just listen to it all the way through you wont regret it

The best song on mmlp2.. How is this 228 lol

96 Above the Law

It's really a great song. It should be at least in top 30's. It's got the great lyrics with the smooth flow of rap. Royce the 5'9 and Eminem had sung it to the perfection. I listen to this song everyday and it is so great song. Why the hell nobody voted for it

Awesome song it should be in the top 50

I think this music should be in 10 to 20


97 Encore / Curtains Down

Encore is actually a brilliant song in my opinion. Curtains Down is a bit of a weird end to the album but encore as a song is actually really good

This song with dre and 50 just is so underrated everyone should try it out

This song would've earned Em a Grammy but damn those Black Eyed Peas

Dre, 50 and Slim

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98 Food Stamp
99 You Don't Know

Dude.. This is like the best of the best... All the good ones rapping with him... Its very sad that this song is not included in the top 10... Nobody knows how hard I tried to find this song after hearing this song on T.V... Unfortunately the name wasnt shown... I search every link on the web for this song... And its worth all that... Should be on at least 5!

The Re-Up for me was an average album. It was much better than Encore, but still it didn't live up to my expectations. You Don't Know on the other hand, is a really cool song and I loved Em's verse.

Put this one at least in the top 20.

What? 98? This is a sick song!

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100 Underground

One of the best that shows the Em can get back to the top after a huge break ; some of the smartest lyrics and rhymes I ever heard ; just EPIC!

Laugh out loud Underground & Drop the World at #80 and #81 right now. Pretty ridiculous, they are both amazing songs and in my top 10. - waxythread13

You got to be kidding with this rating, such an incredible song, some of his best lyricism.

Great song, hectic beat and lyrics

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