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101 Backstabber

Why this song isn't in top 20? That's great and the radio voice in the chorus is epic! :O

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102 3 A.M. 3 A.M. V 1 Comment
103 One Shot 2 Shot One Shot 2 Shot
104 Stronger Than I Was

Amazing song very underrated this legacy, beautiful pain, headlights, the monster are the best songs on his new album how the heck is this 152 vote its amazing and emotional

Why the hell is this so low down on the list

People say that the vocal performance of the song kills it. By that logic, Hailie's Song is the worst song Eminem ever made. - WonkeyDude98

I put Hailie's Song on the worst list just to see how many haters of this song I could attract..this song is gold.

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105 Evil Twin Evil Twin

Probably the best song on the MMLP2. Lyrically insane! Best lyrical song I've heard in years. Also it talks bout his evil twin slim shady and how he IS Eminem.

I can't believe this is so low. Evil Twin belongs in the top 20. The lyrics in this song are so clever. This is one of the best songs on MMLP2

It's incredible it's so low! Come on! This song is the most awesomeness in the world!

You have got to be kidding me. How is this not top 20? It's not his best but I'm voting for it because it should be WAY higher

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106 The Sauce

Possibly one of the greatest diss songs ever.

Benzino didn't stand a chance when Eminem released this.

I liked nail in the coffin but I felt like Eminem was kind of cleaning and silly in it a bit. Here you can feel his anger, his confidence as well. He knows exactly how he is going to destroy benzino, all 50 ways. He knows he is going to kill him. He goes harder in this than ever before in my opinion. Destroys the source as well.

Where is nail in the coffin. One of the best disses ever

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107 W.T.P. W.T.P.

One of my favorite Eminem songs of all time, some of his best rapping ever! Definitely should be in top 20 and is in my personal top 5. If you play white trash party at a party you will definitely have a blast haha.

Wow 127 its in my top 5 come on it's so AWESOME vote for it

At first it sounded weird to me, but after a few tries it grew on me. Now it's my favorite of his 'fun' and 'fast-paced' songs!

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108 Elevator Elevator

This song is great really shows how far Eminem has come.

The hook is so catchy. I absolutely love it.

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109 Welcome 2 Detroit Welcome 2 Detroit

How the heck isn't this on the list? Miles better than anything on the crappy Recovery. - BreakingBen

Awesome song.. Great music.. Fantastic lyrics

must listen, tricky and em kill it
sick beat and sick flow

Hell yeah Eminem & Trick Trick one of his best verses definitely

110 Medicine Ball Medicine Ball

Why isn't this at the top 20 songs of him? Come on! Admit it! This song is amazing! Everyone should listen it!

Brilliant beat + Eminem at his genius best, parodying himself by crossing the line and still remaining great = top 20?

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111 Love You More Love You More

This is a good song... should be in the top 20

112 My Life My Life

Dude, he raps like wow... and then comes a part when he reaches the climax. He raps :-

"Cause this is all I know, this is why so hard I go,
I swear to god I put my heart and soul in this more than anybody knows,
I'm trapped, so all I do is rap,
But every time I rap, I'm more trapped,
I rapped myself up into this bubble,
I just guess its bubble rap..."

That climax motivates you, all gotta listen to this one, seriously. Also has 50 Cent and Adam Levine.

Well, we all know Eminem will "Put his heart and soul into this more than anybody know's! " But "every time he rap, he more trapped! "

50 Cent made this song, he was better than Eminem in this one

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113 Echo Echo

How can this song not eb in Eminems top 20... One of the best collaborations of Eminem and royce... Lyrically so strong and great rhythm with amazing matter

114 Who Knew Who Knew

Eminem uses irony and humour (plus his lyrical skills) to talk about his impact on kids. One of the funniest song I've never heard and way smarter than people could think. This should be ranked higher!

! I was looking through this list and I couldn't find this song because I thought it should be in the top 20 at least. this is by far the most underrated Eminem song.

Catchy tune, uses irony and humour well and adds a flow to the MMLP, should be far higher in the list.

#145?! This is top 50 at least!

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115 Beautiful Pain Beautiful Pain

Amazing and incredibly underrated. Eminem and Sia do such a beautiful job!

Should be on top 3 with Not afraid (1) and Lose yourself (3)!

He should make more songs like this. It interests me more than those odd slim shady songs.

This song is amazing and should under top 10...? come on.. fans...listen and "VOTE"!

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116 Insane Insane

This song is so much better than 53. My guess is that a lot of people just haven't heard it but you should. This song is funny, sad, and tells a story about Eminems life. This song is definitely top 10 quality.

Slim shady... At his best in swearing!

This song reminds me of how many people's live's are bad and that no matter how bad, anyone can come through life 74 my ass this song deserves number 1, plus he curses a lot in this song

The hook is great then everything else sucks

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117 Whether or Not
118 Phenomenal Phenomenal

Motivational song, this deserves to be up there with lose yourself. Eminem's style has changed but he's still the greatest rapper there this and this proves it

Another Amazing Motivational Song From Eminem It Is Epic And Is Like Tracks Such As Lose Yourself And Till I Collapse Awesome Song - burningninja06

If you don't feel like listening to this song for a million times just after you heard it once, I am afraid my friend, you sure as hell are not going to do something great in the god damn life you've got there.

Too mainstream, I lost my patience

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119 When the Music Stops When the Music Stops

Should be way higher... But I guess its hard to rank Eminem songs considering they are all spectacular

One of his best songs, must be rated low because haven't heard it

The best of The Eminem Show. Till I Collapse gets shredded by this song by D12. I don't get why it's in 115th place.

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120 As the World Turns As the World Turns

First of all the lyrics are hilarious (if you have the right sense of humor), and the chorus is really catchy (I find myself humming it in the middle geometry class

Funny and absolutely astounding song. Top 3 I'd have to say, after "under the in fluence"

"To buy me some time tovtry and remember this magic trick, dan danan dananda, go go gadget dick whip that out and ain't no doubt about it, it caused a massive earthquake and a power outage"

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