Rap God


I get that Lose Yourself was his first song and he climbed the peak of fame with that. I get that Stan is dedicated to his fans and is very well written. I get that Not Afraid was his comeback song to tell his fans that he is back and is gonna stay. I love all those songs but Rap God is totally different. If we were to choose one song that can define EM and that can represent him than RapGod is the undisputed choice. He wrote this song only to tell the world that he is the king of hip hop and will remain untill someone better than him comes which is not going to happen for generations. Lose Yourself is 17 years old and has been listened by most people that is why its at the top. Same goes for all other songs. But if all his songs were released together, undoubtedly Rap God would have been first choice of fans. And it would have been as difficult to remove it from Rank 1 as it is to remove Eminem from rank 1 of best rappers. So, don't judge the song by its rank. Just do yourself a ...more

This song has is the latest in the list that's why it is on 10th. Had it come earlier it would have been in top 3. You want to know why Eminem is called King of Hip-Hop? lose yourself and every other song. Just listen to this you'll get your answer. EM made this song to immortalize himself and he did it. Generations later if hop-hop is still popular, fans will cry when they listen to this song and say why they were not born while Eminem was alive.

This song is truly a masterpiece. I'll admit that some older songs like lose yourself and sing for the moment may be somewhat better, but this song is filled to the max with six minutes of pure references and disses hidden in every line for all the real Eminem fans who have been with him for the years to notice. Keep it up, Eminem. Id love to see another song with as much creativity and depth as this one.

Rap God says it all. I wasn't a full on believer in "Eminem is one of the best rappers of our time" but after this track I downloaded all his albums. This song still remained one I had no problem replaying over and over again. For months! It's a great song, possibly the best banging rap song of all time

Oh my holy God! This is not just a song, it's a masterpiece. I hear this song at least 4 times a day and it makes me wanna hear this one more time. Everyday I wake with this song and sleep with this one. 1500+ words in 6 minutes is really godly. And he also performed the half version live in his home town Detroit and proved that it's just not recording and he can rap like a god live too. Harry shotta animal may have more words but he can't do it live and he can never be a rap God! Eminem for life!

1554 words in 6 minuets in just a SONG and we'll over 3 quarters of America knows this song and also has the best lyrics AND look at the song name... RAP GOD, made by THE rap god. "Slim Shady", Eminem! So doesn't that tell you something? This song should at least in the top 5 of Eminem songs.

This is a fairly new song but it should be at least in the top 5. I mean come on he raps at 101 words in 15 seconds during this song way better than the rest of them I listen to this song all the time when I get the chance and so will you guys when you hear this song VOTE FOR THIS SONG!

This song is mostly random lines and sounds free styled or like he just wrote down the first thing that came to mind. When you really focus on the lyrics, they don't make any sense which I'm okay with. This song is my second favorite Eminem song of all time. It had my favorite line he has ever used, "I'll take seven kids from Columbine Put 'em all in a line Add an AK-47, a revolver and a nine." Eminem is most definitely the Rap God.

It consider as one of his most amazing songs with incredible voice although his flow wasn't depositing on one level and does not fit his voice but that not the point may affect the impressive and successful of the song never affected it. Also, he still rap legato, fast flow turning from slow to fast but that not consider as bad thing it make the song incredible but bad points in that song which made it get a little back it's all about homophobic and some verses performance was a little strange and not  consistent or shapely but it's still great verses
After all, however all I said it still one of his best songs ever and the point is he didn't have to use slurs of homophobic and if he didn't he would won Grammy award 2015 for best rap performance for rap god instead of Kendrick Lamar "I" song besides best rap album and best callob
Finally, it could be at top 10 maybe ranked 7th or 8th.

If you don't like Eminem, this song will change your mind. Even if you're not a rap fan, this song is just amazing. If you think Eminem's dead, look up this song, preferably about 4:25, and then keep thinking that. Slim Shady's back, and he's not a rap king. He's a rap god.

Eminem rapping is good on a normal basis, but the way he just spits the lyrics is incredible, especially the really fast part, I remember the first time I heard that, I was like... This is why Eminem is the best rapper in general, he.

This song is 6 minutes long, which is already pretty long for any song, let alone rap. Combine that with the fact that all 6 minutes are jam-packed with exquisite rhymes and simply the best rap I have ever heard makes this song at least top five quality.

It's DOPE rapping, but it's not an actual SONG, it has no theme, no topic, so structure, etc. Em shows off his lyrical skills, his flow changeups, etc, but to say it's his best actual song over The Way I Am or Stan shows a lot of people who don't know much about music, or a lot of young people who have only heard recent Em. He spits FIRE on it, no question, but spitting fire and making a song are 2 different things.

Why is this no.42? Maybe cause mmlp2 hasn't been out for that long but come on 6 minutes of crazy rapping, you have to vote for this and the part were he raps at super sonic speed is crazy. When I heard this for the first time when Eminem unexpectedly released this I was like, we'll I don't know, I was amazed. If you haven't got the MARSHALL MATHERS LP2 well GET IT! Great work shady you really are the Rap God.

This song is godly. Eminem really smashed this song. This is the fastest rap ever made and deserves to be in the top ten at the very least. It might not be a classic but it is one hell of a deserving song. Good on you Em and can't wait for the anonymous "The Eminem Show 2".

This mind boggling rap track should definitely be number 1
Excellent lyrical ability and rapping speed
I don't, know anyone that could come with such impressive lyrics like the ones in "Rap God".
And at one verse Eminem actually rapped 102 words in just 16 seconds!
How cool is that, this song should be number 1
Lyrics are much better than ones above
And Eminem has proven himself to be the true rap god

His flow is unbeatable, He goes through about 10 different styles effortlessly through the song & the supersonic speed part is genius. No modern day rapper is up to this level right now. This defiantly should be in top 5 guys!

Honestly the best rap I have ever heard. He broke a record for most words in a single hit song, at over 15,00. Just listen to the song and you will understand why this song is know world wide as one of the best ever.

I don't get it. Why Rap God not deserve the best one? It deserve #1. Come on people, open your eyes! This is the best rap song in this world ever! Even though all Eminem's song are the best, but Rap God is the best of the best.

When I first heard "Rap God" I just wanted to learn how to rap myself because, if I'm like bored then I could rap and I could feel not as bored as before. I guess you could say this has inspired me to rap.

So fast, and has the world record for the most words in a song: 1,560. Especially the part where he says 5 words per second.

Eminem is the best rapper. Nicki Minaj can't autotune her raps faster than this.

This song is just plain fun! Every lyric is on spot, and it takes real rapping to come up with such a song. There is not one low point, which makes this something I would listen to again and again. - Antwon

This song is 6 minutes of pure amazing rapping. The fast part is the best. Everyone Vote for this song. If you don't like rap you will still like this song. He is a rap god

And he just bought a ray gun from the future and killed all of us with his verses he murdered...
Respect for the king of rap and he actually proves that he is The Rap God!

Please vote for this song its amazing it should at least be in the top ten... For those of you who think this song isn't worth being in the top ten... You guys should know that Eminem holds the guiness world record for spitting 1560 words in a hit single... Can you believe this 1560 words in just 6 minutes... He truly is the RAP GOD