The Real Slim Shady


This song is the best Eminem song ever and it goes back to when Eminem was slim shady and he was at his best he was better when he represented his alter ego slim shady this song made him famous and he also was also a joker and not so serious like his newer songs this song can make you smile when your down this is the best Eminem song ever

lol I love that song it made my coke a cola come out of my nose

I'm Slim Shady, yes I'm the real Shady, all you other Slim Shady's are just imitating so won't the real Slim Shady, please stand up, please stand up?

Woohoo! Best Eminem song their is (my opinion) this and My Name is should be up on top. I think everything went downhill after Encore :( But his new music is pretty good like So Bad or some of his Relapse songs like Beautiful or Deja Vu but really this song is just so beast

This is one of the best rap songs ever it's so good the lyrics and the beat are so catchy just can't get the instrumental out my head I hate that everyone forgets what eminem did and the statement he made that anyone can rap

Just saying, people vote just lose it or stan because they thing it makes them seem like they care more about deeper music or something but anyone would rather listen to this over and over than either of them songs

this song made me laugh so hard when I 1st heard it

This is an awesome song this is what true comedy is not the garbage like thrift shop that you hear today. But someone said that this is the song that made him famous, not true. my name is did.

Reminds me of my freshman year of college and when Shady was taking the music industry by storm. Loved the hilarity of the lyrics, which brought a fresh style to the genre.

"My bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips"

My Godzilla! Hilarious! Especially with how he raps it. The voice, the lyrics... Ugh! This dude is a legend...

The only song in which an artist mocked the Grammy's and received one for it too. It doesn't get better than this does it? Noting more to say.

This song is funny, addictive and just has great lyrics. Should crush the top ones. (except lose yourself, that's a close second)

Yeah this is the real rap I ever listen about any girl star
Real shim shady is the real rap I ever listen marshall mathers rocks

This song is hilarious! I just love the sense of humor and the sarcasm in this song.

Hi my name is slim shady! This song is the ORIGINAL slim shady theme it should be up much higher on the list!

The best Eminem song ever, this is my best song so funny I'm speechless this should be number one not lose yourself laugh out loud

Hell to the yeah! "Guess there's a Slim Shady in all of us" best song ever. Sing it nonstop. Even my lil bro loves this song, and he's only 8

Beast song love then way you lie and this song should switch spots why it isn't higher confuses me a lot

I love all of his songs but the flow he has in this song... Oh my god the flow is enough to just leave you speechless. The beat, just everything is perfect. My favourite rap song of all time this deserves to be at least top 5.

My list:
1. The Real Slim Shady
2. When I'm Gone
3. Lose Yourself
4. 8 Mile
5. Til' I Collapse.

Great song. One of the best of all time. But how is "My Name Is" not on this list? That was what started it all.

This is the best song ever made by mankind! This song expresses himself and is just magnificent! Slim shady raps LIKE A BOSS!

The Best!
Eminem Remains The King For Now And Forever!
Ol Rappers Must Bow To The Shady!

Its funny and somehow addictive. Love the way he raps. But my favourite is Rap God, but this chart is probably older

This songs is the funniest thing ever. This has to be one of his bests songs by a bigshot.

Classic Eminem song. Funny and serious at the same time. You can't help but bump along with the beat and sing along.