Sing for the Moment


This song is perfect (behind Lose Yourself). It's an amazing blend of rock and roll and rap that shows the more caring side of Marshall Mathers through the quote "It's al political, if my music is literal and I'm a criminal,

How can I raise a little girl? "

Shady's life is reflected in his music, and most people would not be even close to where he is in the world if they grew up like he did. This song shows who he really is. I bet most people don't know that when he was nominated for an Oscar, he didn't attend the ceremony. His daughter wanted to spend time with him, and so he stayed home and watched cartoons with her.

Sing for the Moment consists of raw emotion. This song is absolutely fabulous and really catches peoples hearts. A lot of his song also do this, but I think this one really does stand up tall against many others.

On a bad day, or in general your going through a tough time - you listen to this song and it just gives you them chills that strike down your spine because it's so amazing. It lets you know that you're not alone & gives you a lot of hope and comfort.

I'd personally say this song should be at least in the top 5.

This is exactly true, the lyrical genius and perfectly rapped and symbolized lyrics of this masterpiece! Eminem was the first to bring rap to a meaning, bringing real life tragedies and problems into music and making them something special, not talking about silly girls, parties and drinking let alone silly drugs. But if Eminem does use those situations, he would definitely make them into great music about how they affected his relationship with Kim. - EMIN3M

I absolutely love Stan more than I can ever express. That song gets into my heart so much and I feel it's a piece of ART but Sing for the moment is like a comet that hits you so hard. Just listen to the lyrics. The video for this song gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. I bought both the versions of this album: Edited and Unedited and it was completely worth it. Love you Eminem! :')

Eminem raps about life as a star, the way his songs effect viewers the way kids adore him as a role model, while rapping about the critics talking about how he's a bad role model and influencing kids badly. The guitar riff is also superb. It's my favourite and even though I love most of Eminem's other songs I can't go past this one.

Why is this not higher up? Sing for the moment is definitely better than "Love the way you lie". Don't get me wrong, Love the way you lie is a great song, but... this song is way better. The meaning, the story... everything about this song is great.

Ya I know you've heard this a lot, but this is lyrically one of the best rap songs ever made and deserves to be #1. Best part is "let our spirits live on through our lyrics that you hear in our songs". Just listen to this phenomenal track and you'll realize the power of rap. Keep up the good work Eminem. We love you

I have always listened to Em but I was walking one day (can't afford no car) around January and this started playing and I instantly could understand it. The first part just struck me because all of it was true for me. Thanks Marshall for the song, you really helped me vent through some tough times.

Though Lose Yourself is the best in my opinion, this song comes close. You know, everyone is protesting against Eminem's lyrics and stuff like that, and Eminem responds by encouraging us to unite with him and sing. Aerosmith's "Dream On" sample adds power to the song. It's some of the most powerful music you can get.

This song should be the number 1 in the world when I'm listening to this song it will make me down.

And the third track is the best I listen to this song every single day when I'm alone

And a very good beat great song by eminem he always in my opinion is the best after tupac shakur and the notorious BIG

This is a revolution for the souls of the people, lurking around us without anyone to express to. Em publicizes this issue with his lyrics and a mesmerizing, down-to-earth beat that brings hip hop back into the spotlight. This song truly deserves a higher rank!

Best song by Em for me. Should be at least ahead of beautiful and when I'm gone. Inspired me when I was a kid and still does with his lyrical ability. He is the best rapper of all time and with rap these days it's looking like he always will be.

Love the words and sounds pretty sick too though I really wish that Going Through Changes was up here. I am a die hard Eminem fan and I have made sure to listen to every single song he has made that has ever been released or leaked and for some reason I just love the message in Going Through Changes.
Marshall Bruce Mathers I= God of rap

This song is CRIMINALLY underrated, it's so good. It's lyrically perfect and is just as good as the like of Lose Yourself, Stan, The Way I Am, etc, and it's much better than Not Afraid and everything of Recovery

Not Afraid is decent, it has a good beat and meaning, but it shouldn't be #2. Lose Yourself, Till I Collapse, and Stan all have great meanings and beats, but Sing for the Moment should be #1 if not #2. Also, you can't dislike Aerosmith's chorus.

"sing for the moment" should be the no. One song because of it's content of the lyrics and of course the quality of the instrumental in this is the best one I think and that's all after it's not just imagination it's truth of the life - naveenpanwar

This song should be at least number 2 if not number 1. It is so emotional that it makes anyone that listens to it feel for him. It has a great beat though he took it from the song "dream on". Still, great song.

Again, what I've said on Not Afraid. The lyrics "For anyone who's ever been through **** in their lives/And they cry at night, wishing they'd die/'till they throw on a rap record, and they sit and they fight.
I would listen to this song on repeat, and still do, when I feel like nothing, or at best, a lousy drug addict incognito as a wannabe. I just can't voice how important hip-hop is to me.

Greatest combo of rock and rap of all time. "that's why we seize the moment try to freeze it and own it squeeze it and hold it so we consider these minutes golden. " Eminem show definitely his greatest album by the way

So powerful. Eminem responding to the criticism of his controversial ways and telling fans to join him and sing; Unbelievable. So fun to listen to and relate to.

Song should be number 1. Great meaning behind the words and comes from the original Eminem. People Don't give him enough credit for being one of the greatest rappers of all time. This song is amazing.

This song is fantastic. Slim's lyrics can't be touched by any other rapper to date. Plus the addition of Aerosmith's "Dream on" fit the feel of the song so perfectly.

This should be #2. Not afraid isn't that great of a song and this is better than stan. I can agree with most of the other rankings, but come on man. this song speaks VOLUMES on his talent!

This song should be up near the top, he describes what's wrong with politics and media and he touches on how people are struggling in this world and the meaning of it is amazing. - adrianp_

Brilliant lyrics lose yourself and this is his best songs
But why the hell is it ninth?
Keep voting for the lyrics lord!