When I'm Gone


This song always brings tears to my eyes. I've never been able to have children, and me and my husband felt like giving up. After years (well, two years), of paperwork and applications, we finally adopted a baby girl from India. When she would cry, I would put on songs that helped me when I was down. To this day, this song is something that holds me and my now eleven-year old daughter together. She's been raised on hip-hop, rap and alternative, and it helps her cope with hardships just like me. I hope she always knows that she shouldn't feel my pain. Just smile back.

A lot of critics said this wasn't that good a song because it tired out the concept of Eminem talking to Hailie. But he didn't write this one to impress critics- he wrote it for his kids. The message is that, when he dies, don't mourn. Be happy whenever you hear his music. Know that he felt no pain, and that he's up in heaven smiling upon you. This is something that all parents would want their kids to know. But Eminem is the only one who can ever put it into words.

This is one of my all time favourite songs EVER! By ANY artist. I am Eminem's biggest fan and know all the lyrics to all his songs. Every song sinks in so deep when he raps. You can tell he's had a hard life but he has expressed it a way we can all enjoy and feel the emotion he's trying to put across to his fans. And everything that's happened throughout his years have definitely not put him down and stopped him from doing what he does best. We love you Eminem, forever and always. x

Can't believe the song and its video they just blow my mind...

First time I heard this song on T. V. N it was awesome, then and there I picked up my laptop and internet data card to download it and I came to know my data card isn't working.. I wanted this song so disparately that I went to my friend's house, downloaded the song and its video and brought it back to my laptop to run it..

That's how much I loved this a song.. - BiggerDagar

I love this song! its so awesome! this is the song that got me hooked on eminem I can totaly relate to that, because I know my dad tries, but I sorta feel like halie in this song. but theres another song that if it was on here I would vote for that because I love that song, stan, I think thats the best eminem song

This is probably Em's 2nd-most powerful song behind Lose Yourself (his best one). But this is one of the only songs that has made me cry, especially at the end of the song. The lyrics are so meaningful, so relateable, and powerful. This is one of Em's most underrated songs. I guarantee you, no one will ever be able to write stuff this powerful ever again. Eminem is one of a kind, and he can never be replicated. Ever. I don't care how good Drake or Kendrick Lamar is. There will never be another Eminem.

Eminem is one of the only rappers that not rap about Money, Drugs & Girls. He has real and crazy lyrics, he's the rap god.

This was the first song I ever listened to. It couldn't of been a coincidence on how the timing worked out with that. It just correlated with my life in a way that was so close it was indescribable. I thank God for creating Eminem. This song was his clear on best. It just has such an incredible meaning to it.

When I am gone is the best ever sung by anyone... Just Eminem has so, heart touching song. He has a lot of song but I listen this song many times a day loose yourself is also a good song but not as much as when I am gone... And this song has an superb video... Must listen then watch..

Every thing about this song is perfect. Looking this song up on Rap genius only makes you love the song even more. Almost every lyric has more meaning behind it. What else can I say? It's a perfect song from the best rapper that will ever live.

I being a 19 year old guy, could feel the pain of separation a father feels when he has to leave his daughter.

Eminem's lyrics transform me to another world. I go into another world just listening to this song. I have been playing this song again and again for over a month now.

Insanely amazing song, it's the type of song people can connect to in that it is so emotional and the lyrics are so outstanding and well put together that anyone who doesn't love Eminem after listening to this song don't know what the definition of a perfect song is.

Eminem is probably the only artist of whom I have problem listing top 10 songs. He just has way too many good tracks each with different feeling and power. This is definitely one of them, although I feel it should be higher in the list.

Without a doubt one of the best storytelling raps ever written. Paints such a vivid picture in your head and leaves you in tears.

#1. This is rap. When you listen to love the way you lie, which is still a good song, and then you listen to this, it doesn't even compare. This song transcends almost all of his previous material as far as story telling, except for maybe stan. The personal emotion and the way he can create a dialogue between him and his daughter, painting an image and a scene with words, makes this his best song.

This song I think means the most to him and again has such a good meaning. Its like he's sharing his life story with us and its amazing

Eminem's the best and always will be. I'm one of his biggest fans and I LOVE him to death. He's helped me through everything from breakups to hating myself... So thank you Eminem for being the only good in my life

this song is serious, ruthless, and just a song that makes you remeber when your dad would go to work and you wanted him there with you. Best song ever
- PePsMeX

This and mockingbird is clearly his best song, so many emotions, and not like other rappers just talks about ass and sex, only rapper talking about real stuff #respect

This has to be one of the best songs Eminem has ever written! It is one of those rap songs that has everything: meaning, a good beat, and amazing lyrics! This is why Eminem is my favorite rapper

I guess there are many people out there who hated rap, but this song showed them the reach of this art form. I never thought Eminem could bring tears in my eyes. You're a true artist. Take a bow.

One of the first song I heard from Eminem and I think I played that endlessly for months maybe even years! Taking nothing away from the others but this has to be my personal favourite!

I think Difficult of Eminem is best it should be in top ten it's latest. And after. That all she wrote in that he had rapped really fast.
but the outcome fact is Eminem is the best..

Don't worry fans of this song. actually very less people have heard this song. so when they will hear it they would say" When I Am Gone"

My absolute favourite Eminem song along with toy soldiers. I really liked his new stuff, but I feel that When I'm gone is just on another level to Love the way you lie and Not afraid