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1 "Animated Atrocities" #146: "The Emoji Movie" (2017 Movie) by TheMysteriousMrEnter

People still care for this guy? - PageEmperor

This movie deserves all the hated and all the backlash it gets. Why? I'm going to level with you, and I think we have the same desire here. Both you and I, I believe we never want any studio to pull a stunt like this again. Eveytime, you give a pass to The Emoji Movie as not being that bad, you give license for The Playdough Movie, The Tetris Trilogy, The Meme Movie. It's just gonna encourage more and more companies to the dig the pit lower... - EvanTheNerd

2 I HATE THE EMOJI MOVIE by I Hate Everything

Time until The Emoji Movie: 4 Hours.

Time until The Emoji Movie: 3 Hours.

Time until The Emoji Movie: 30 Mins.

Time until The Emoji Movie: I HATE EVERYTHING LAST ONE OF YOU. - EvanTheNerd

3 The Worst Sony Animated Movies of all Time by PhantomStrider

And I have no doubts, the #1 worst animated Sony is... The Emoji Movie. I didn't feel like I was watching a movie when I saw this, I felt like I was watching children be exploited by cynical corporate executives. It felt nauseating, confronting, and just left me feeling angry after. And I am deeply sorry I paid money to see this in cinemas. But my one hope is that some millennial out there might decide NOT to watch this, because of this review. The homunculus horror, distorted crapheap, avanlance disaster, that is, The Emoji Movie. - EvanTheNerd

I bet he made that video just to complain about that film - PageEmperor

4 The Emoji Movie - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann

Welcome to my review of The Emoji Movie...

I have proof...

The Emoji Movie movie is about the meh emoji...

And how he has a lot of other expressions, besides meh...

And today I went and saw it...

And it SUUCKED! - EvanTheNerd

5 DID THE EMOJI MOVIE HAVE TO BE BAD? - Brain Dump by hotdiggedydemon

There's no way to sugercoat it. The Emoji Movie is terrible and the people who made it should be ashamed of themselves. As the reviews rolled in over the course of the film's release, it became clear the Sony Pictures had unwittingly crafted something truly repugnant, and it's hard to remember a time in recent memory when a big-budget animated movie has been viewed as so universally loathsome. Everybody everywhere seems to be in a agreement, this movie, is BAD. - EvanTheNerd

Dat title - PageEmperor

6 The Emoji Movie - AniMat's Reviews by ElectricDragon505

One element I would like to add about this, is that the voice acting is noticeably bad, it's sounded like the actors are a lot more invested in their check, than their performance, and they don't put in any sort if effort into this... Then again, I don't think that you could find anyone in the cast and crew that were motivated to believe that they were making a good movie. Rather they be dull or douche, the movie succeeds in making a big world, where I HATE EVERY SINGLE RESIDENT that lives there. - EvanTheNerd

Thank god, this movie deserves to have the Seal of Garbage.

7 THE EMOJI MOVIE REVIEW and REAL TALK [Black Nerd] by Andre "Black Nerd"

And then you have this character Jailbreak, she's the Jailbreak emoji but you find out that she's actually a princess emoji, that doesn't want to be a princess emoji, then they're like hey, since your a princess emoji, can you whistle and cartoon birds come out and hang out with you? And she's like NO, you shouldn't say that. Why are men always saying stuff like that? That's an offensive stereotype. But when Gene gets to the other side of the phone, and Jailbreak and Hi-5 have to go the other side of the phone and rescue him, what does she do? She whistles and then a cartoon bird, the Twitter bird to be exact, flys in and they go there. So I was like, wait you just berated them this entire movie for this reason, and then you then do it? I guess that would be the equivalent of someone telling me, hey Andre, I bet you like fried chicken, and I'm like, That's an offensive stereotype, how dare you, say that?! At a restaurant, a then turn to a waiter and go, Um, one fried chicken please. ...more - EvanTheNerd

8 The Emoji Movie - Nostalgia Critic by Channel Awesome

Why does a hand have a butt? Why is that my biggest question? But more importantly, why does a hand have a butt? - EvanTheNerd

9 The Emoji Movie Review and Recap by CellSpex

Hi. I'm a emoji.


I life in Textopolis.

BOO! Wreck-It Ralph ripoff!

And we're here for our user Alex.

Inside Out ripoff!

Because emojis, are the greatest communication tool that has ever been invented.

Die, in a fire! - EvanTheNerd

10 Hunter Reviews: The Emoji Movie by Headhunter Productions

They're sometimes few and far between but we can find these hidden gems within the cinematic realm, but then... there's a completely different kind of special. Yeah... not so fun. Kinda like having your wallet stolen and getting punched in the gut for an hour and a half. We don't feel better for the experience, just broken. - EvanTheNerd

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