Best Emojis to Share at a Funeral

When a family member dies it's good to post emojis to celebrate their life.

The Top Ten

1 🏩

Home is where the heart is reminds you that they've reached their permanent home and are happy with it and so will and should you. - Custard

2 🏚️

Decaying home shows that even when they rot away home will always be there. - Custard

3 🌹

A rose shows how much you loved them in life and continue to love them now that they're dead. - Custard

This reminds me of Summer Rose from RWBY - TwilightKitsune

4 🎂

A Birthday Cake celebrates every year of their life they lived. - Custard

5 🕊️

A dove to show that you hope they are at peace. - Custard

6 👻

A ghost shows that even though they are dead they're still very much alive in your heart. - Custard

Not something to show on Luigi's funeral - TwilightKitsune

7 🛏️

A bed shows that you accept that they are at rest taking part in the endless sleep. - Custard

8 🦅

An eagle lifts their spirit up to heaven as it's lifts your spirits. - Custard

9 ⚰️

A coffin is a good way to say rest in peace when you don't have the words. - Custard

10 😂

If you do this, your funeral is next - TwilightKitsune

The Contenders

11 💀

A skull shows that you are thinking of them despite their death. - Custard

12 😇
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