Top 10 Most Emotional Arthur Episodes

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1 The Great MacGrady

Episode that deals with Mrs. MacGrady having cancer and everyone dealing with the news and Francine is more upset about it than anyone else as her grandfather died from cancer.

This episode is even sadder when you realize that it'll never air again. It had such a great message, but because of Lance Armstrong, they'll never show it again. Very sad.

2 April 9th

A fire breaks out in the school and everyone deals with the situation differently Arthur becomes fearful that his dad who was in the school during the fire that something bad will happen to him, Binky becomes incredibly traumatized who eventually helped by Francine's dad who was a former volunteer fire fighter who went through the same experience as he did, Sue Ellen's journal gets destroyed in the fire and is really upset over it and Buster is the only one who wasn't there becomes real good friends with Mr. Morris while visiting him in the hospital after injuring himself during the fire and then moves away.

3 Arthur's Perfect Christmas

This episode has plenty of emotional moments Arthur buys a glass bird similar to the one he broke a long time ago as a present for his mom but as he's bring it down it breaks and becomes really upset over it he doesn't want to come down, then Muffy throws a Christmas party and ignores the fact that Francine tells her she can't go because of Hanukah and gets angry at her for not coming to her party and then offends Francine by telling her Hanukah is not as important as Christmas and then stop being friends then come Christmas morning Muffy is sad because despite having all these great gifts she's unable to share them Francine due to their fight she eventually apologies for what she says and Francine shows her why Hanukah is so important to her, and finally we have Buster who's mom constantly wakes him up early making breakfast and setting out the presents thinking its Christmas all because she's worried he won't have a good Christmas because his dad is not around.

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4 Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight

Arrhur and DW overhear their parents arguing and are worried that their parents will split up or possibly end up as orphans.

5 The Ballad of Buster Baxter

The episode follows after the episode Buster's Back with it being more focused on Buster and him dealing with him returning and feeling left out because all these great things happened and he wasn't there to experience them.

All Arthur episodes are sooo good

6 Arthur's Faraway Friend

Buster driving away in the car when Arthur says goodbye is heart-wrenching.

Most saddest

7 The Last Tough Customer

This episode is hilarious not sad

8 Buster's Back

Arthur is happy to learn that Buster is coming home but is worried that Buster has changed and might not want ro be friends with him anymore.

9 Lost

Arthur falls asleep on a bus and misses his swimming lessons. Really sad but a great episode, even though Arthur was telling what happened when he got lost before he came home

10 Sick As a Dog

Arthur is so worried for Pal and the scene where D.W tries to console him by telling him how she felt the same way when her bird died and the horrified whimper he makes gives me chills. A very sad moment.

The Contenders
11 So Long, Spanky
12 Bully for Binky

Sue Ellen accepts Binky's challenge to a fight but after learning that she does Tae Kwon Do Binky tries desperately to avoid the fight, Binky eventually reveals to Arthur and Francine that he never actually fought anyone because they would always runaway because he was able to easily intimidate them and is afraid that he'll hurt her or rather he's afraid she's going to hurt him and make him look stupid in front of everyone, he eventually challenges her at music and losses and eventually apologies.

13 Revenge Of The Chip

When D.W. runs waya

14 The Last Day

This episode finally shows Mr. Ratburn for who he truly is. Not a cynical, scary, unfair teacher that the kids always fantasize, but a super caring teacher that prepared them for basically anything thrown at them. To see him finally get appreciation was so satisfying.

15 Is That Kosher?
16 MacFrensky
17 Arthur's Big Hit
18 Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone
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