Most Emotional Disney Movie Moments

The Top Ten

"So Long Partner" - Toy Story 3
Dumbo Visits His Mother - Dumbo
"I Only Wanted to Help and What Did You Say to Me" - The Incredibles

All Buddy/ Sundrome wanted was to be Mr. Incredibles side kick but when he tells him to get lost that he works alone, which completly destroyed him inside and began a resentment to all super heroes in general. - egnomac

Mulan Returns Home - Mulan
"I'll Tell You Whats Not Fair" - Toy Story 2

When its revealed that Stinky Pete has been trying to manipulate Woody into staying Woody realises he was the one turned on the T.V. on as he was trying to get his arm back and Jessie tells him "This isn't fair" which really upsets him and he goes on this rant " I'll tell you whats not fair spending a lifetime on a dime stote shelf watching every other toy get sold, then finally my patients have paid off and no hand me down cowboy doll is gonna mess it up for me now" which is basically he's life story he was put on shelf the other kids didn't want him and finally comes Al and now has a chance to be something and standing in his way is Woody. - egnomac

Scar's Confession - The Lion King

Scar confesses to Simba that he was in fact the one who killied Mufasa, which enrages Simba after all these years Scar made him believe that Mufasas death was his fault which caused him to abandon his kingdom and let Scar take over, Simba forces Scar to reveal his secret in front of everyone. - egnomac

Dory Finds Her Parents - Finding Dory
I'm Still Here - Treasure Planet
Merlin Gets Angry at Wart After becoming a squire - The Sword in The Stone

Wart finally gets his wish to be a squire unfortunately Merlin is not happy about it a matter of fact he is outraged that Wart willing to throw away his education to be a squire, and Wart dosen't understand why Merlin is getting so mad at him all he wanted to do is be a squire which was the only thing he had to look forward to on his life, Merlin is so angry that he blows himself to Burmuda. - egnomac

"No Body Wants Me" - Meet the Robinsons

After getting rejected for the 124th time Lewis rants about how no body wants him even going as far as saying his own mother didn't want him Mildred stops him and tells him that his mother probably wanted to keep him but just wasn't able to and was only thinking about whats best for him. - egnomac

The Contenders

Goodbye May Seem Forever - The Fox and the Hound
Han Solo's Death - Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

R.I.P. Han Solo, in the hands of his son, Kylo Ren.

Captain Jack Sparrow's Death - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The greatest character on Pirates of the Caribbean and greatest role by Johnny Depp, died in this movie. What a heartbreaking scene. We'll miss him forever.

Mike rebuilds Boo's door - Monsters. Inc
Karen Grieving After Frosty Melted in the Greenhouse in Frosty the Snowman
Return to Oz - Return to Oz
Pleasure Island - Pinocchio
Ursula's Demise - The Little Mermaid
The Scene With the Sticks - The Good Dinosaur

This scene literally tears me up inside. It doesn't matter when I watch it; I cry every time.

Goodbye, Soldier - Toy Story 3
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