Top Ten Most Emotional Disney Movies

Disney movies are known for being emotional. Here's some that are the most tear jerking.

The Top Ten Most Emotional Disney Movies

1 Inside Out

Besides the fact that the main characters are literally emotions, this movie got me crying. They really did a good job. The voice acting and the music helped a lot - DCfnaf

I love movies that are both really happy and really sad at the same time. Inside Out is the master of this. - phillysports

This movie is the perfect blend of happiness and sadness. (duh they are the main characters) - Randomator

Kicked me right in the feels - TwilightKitsune

2 Toy Story 3

Of all the options it was hard to pick just one ;-; but I have some nostalgia for the Toy Story series I used to have their toys when I was younger. I still have Bo peep actually. I was sad she wasn't in this movie but I still loved the movie. - SweetBasil

Seeing the toys near the end is a seriously one of the most emotional moments of all time. - Randomator

The end where Andy drove away and Woody watched though... - DCfnaf

3 UP

Up has to be the most emotionally diverse movie. We cry one moment and laugh the next. - Randomator

4 The Fox and the Hound
5 Old Yeller
6 Big Hero 6
7 Finding Nemo

Pixar pretty much dominated the 2000s for animation - PeeledBanana

Pixar really knows what they're doing... - DCfnaf

8 Lady and the Tramp
9 Finding Dory
10 Frozen

The Contenders

11 Dumbo
12 The Lion King
13 Brother Bear
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