Top Ten Most Emotional Episodes of Steven Universe

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1 Rose's Scabbard

"Sometimes... I wonder if she can see me through your eyes. What would she think of me now..." "Well... I think you're pretty great." I think I cried typing this.

This one always gets me feeling horrible for Pearl. It's my one of, if not my favorite episode.

I cried and rethink my entire life after watching this episode

Holy crap when I first saw this I was crying for 3 days straight

2 On the Run

I cried so hard for my poor baby Amethyst...

I loved that moment between Pearl and Amethyst.

I never thought of that as the womanchild known as Amethyst...she's still my favorite gem next to Lapis and Garnet.

I love her, but I hate the self pity people who go "Oh I can relate and stuff blah blah sad story"

3 Keeping It Together

I was literally SCREAMING when the Cluster showed up and Garnet almost defused.

This episode is truly terrifying. Garnet was furious and paralyzed on the spot when she saw the gem experiments. Garnet is never scared of anything.

My dad walked in when garnet was in the process of unfusing and I was crying and he didn't know what was wrong

Same. I was literally screaming into my IPad on the way home from Orlando when my brother turned around and asked what was wrong with me.

4 Mindful Education

I cry so much during this episode because it's unbelievable how closely I relate to it

This is one of Steven's most emotional moments. Aldo it has a deep lesson for everyone on how to control and live with your feelings. Anyone can relate to Connie's dilemma. Besides, it's an episode with a great song from Estelle.

This episode is so sad and emotional because it shows how Steven, this cute little cheery cinnamon roll, is handling the loss of his mother and stressful situations (like Jasper's corruption, poofing Bismuth, and leaving Eyeball behind in space) on the inside. Steven crying and sating "I didn't want to hurt anyone! " just felt like a few extra stabs to the heart

With the song comes a lesson with dealing with anxiety and guilt, which is an important part of life.

5 Mr. Greg

This episode is so beautiful because the way that pearl sings that her love has disapeared and didn't choose her made me bawl my eyes out.

I also loved 'you both love me and I love both of you' because the way that they all glow with the colours as the diamonds.
Best episode 10/10

Sorry but the hint of roses voice in You Both Love Me and I Love Both of You just triggers so many emotions in me! Too beautiful!

Its over isn't it and both of you are the most emotional songs and when you put them in the same episode you get a ton of feels

I have never cried harder during this show than when Pearl was singing about Rose

6 Sworn to the Sword

Why won't you let me do this for you, Rose?

When Connie was like "I'm nothing" I felt like crying. Also love the song do it for her

Awesome and emotional at the same time, the whole package! 😆 see what I did there?

7 So Many Birthdays

So many birthday is so sad but it wasn't that bad

8 Lion 3: Direct to Video

Why is this not in the top 5. I swear I cried little when I saw this. Actually I cried a lot. But come on. It's Stevens ( sorta) Dead mom.

The video Steven and Sadie watched really messed me up; Rose just gave off so much emotion,

It's Straight to Video

And straight to emotion

9 Steven the Sword Fighter

No comments on this episode really people?

10 Reformed

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11 Bismuth

I love this episode, but can someone add Made of Honor. That moment where Bismuth sees a fellow Crystal Gem she was clearly very close to corrupted, her reaction, the horror, the realization that dawns upon her face when she realizes that many of her friends aren't what they used to be, and the tears streaming down her face as she is forced to poof Biggs can tear you apart. It showed that despite her past sins, she deeply cares about her comrades. We then see that she clearly feels like no one will forgive her for what she did, and that moment where Ruby, Sapphire, and Pearl all tackled her down in joy at seeing her again can bring tears to your eyes.

You should've shattered me back then, at least if I were in pieces I wouldn't have to know how little I mattered to you. You didn't even tell 'em. You bubbled me away and didn't even tell your friends, my friends.

I'm going to tell them, I'm going to tell them everything

Then you really are better than her

12 The Return

Amazing story, best way to end a season. New characters, a surprise with an old character, an amazing song, them kicking Jasper and Peridots' BUTTS, and a sad ending. Just amazing.

This episode was really emotional.

13 Off Colors

How is this not number 1?

This should be number one. Lars took his own life to save the gems from total catastrophe.
There's nothing else as sad as this in SU.

Awesome episode! definitely my 2nd favorite episode my 1st is "change your mind" Lar's death made me almost cry. ALMOST. ok, so I cried...……. and I watched the next episode because I couldn't resist!

Oh My God Where do I start! Steven and the Gems were in total danger when the security robot gems were about to attack them, but it was up to Lars to save them, so he sacrificed himself to keep the robots from killing the gems.
So Lars died, but Steven resurrected him with his healing powers and now Lars is like Lion.
Yet Half Gem and Half Human, kinda like Steven.
Very sad and touching.

14 Monster Reunion

This is one of the only S.U episodes where I feel truly sad and where I cry. Centipeetle's story and the wy it's told through drawing just gets to me and it makes me so sad. Especially the ending leaves me heartbroken, where Steven requests to learn how to write in the Gem way and he gives off examples. Quote: "Just a few useful things, Like Hi! How are you, Where's the bathroom, and I'm sorry." Truly one of my favorite episodes and stories.

Centipeetle doesn't deserve the treatment she gets. This episode shows that there is still something human in all of us.

15 Full Disclosure

When Steven says "You don't need this, you don't need me...", it simply breaks my heart. Here is an innocent child who is saddled with all these responsibilities and being forced to decide if somebody's life will be better without him. It hurts.


16 An Indirect Kiss

Steven's speech to the statue of his mother is just heart-wrenching.

Glad to see this one is on the list!

17 Cry for Help

I kinda feel sorry for Pearl at the end, but she should have not tricked Garnet like that!

I had mixed feelings about this episode, I felt sorry for both Pearl and Garnet.

18 Bubbled

This episode is just so beautiful. The addition of 'Love Like You' when Steven reunites is so adorable.

The ending with the Crystal Gems crying is probably the most beautiful ending of the whole show.

Best song

19 Cat Fingers

Greg defending his son and Steven almost dying was heart-wrenching. Jesus..

I cried so hard

20 The New Lars

I only cried when I thought of the people who were caught watching Lars naked.

21 Alone At Sea
22 The Trial

When Blue Diamond broke down, I literally cried into my pillow.
Also the Zircons were my favourite characters. Why, Yellow, why?
I really hope they're okay.
It's sad to see That BD has to confront all of her regrets, to relive the moments again. It's really tragic

23 Story For Steven

It was really emotional seeing Greg meet Rose. It was so cute.

Love This One.

24 We Need to Talk

Rose and teenage Greg WERE SO CUTE TOGETHER


25 Ocean Gem
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